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Whaaa. That's a lot of beige monochrome going on there.

And we love it. I've been collecting tons of winter looks with the cold that we're currently facing in London. I mean, it's not snowing yet but come on - 4 degrees ALL day every day, really? At least we can snuggle up under the oh-so-trendy oversized scarfs. I'm not going to dwell on them since you've probably read way too much about the big blankets we're carrying around our shoulders this season but no one makes them better than Zara. Anyway, it's the perfect weather to go all monochrome and full on the knitwear, guuurls.

M ❤️

cardigan Urban Outfitters | oversized scarf Zara | tshirt H&M | jeans H&M (similar here) | ankle boots Topshop | earrings ASOS

4 thoughts on “WI'MWUI #85: ALL ABOUT THAT BEIGE

  1. I am really digging the cardigan, it's beautiful! The ankle boots go so well with it, I think it's a great combination. It is finally getting colder where I live, so I'm excited to bust out the comfy cardigans myself!

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much, I knowww so exciting! It's the only good thing about winter - apart from christmas :) xx

  3. Beautiful photos and outfit! Beige is so perfect and elegant color! :)

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