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What I'm wrapped up in #11

Yesterday's cozy chic look, putting a fluffy jumper inside a shinny bronze leather skirt. This was taken before I actually smashed a Haché burger and Oreo milkshake in crazy Camden! Yes, I feel very fatty now, thank you.

Jumper: Primark
Skirt: H&M (very old)
Necklace: Vintage @ Portobello Market

In love with... #1

There are so many things I'm in love with all the time that it deserves to be hashtagged. So I'm going to start sharing my obsessions here, just so I don't feel sooo bad about them.

For now, I literally cannot stop obsessing with the tartan comeback! It's in my mind like a little buzz and it doesn't go away. I like the Red Christmasy, the Yellow&Grey groovy (like the shirt I wore in the last outfit post...) and, my favourite, the Dark-Green&Blue that reminds me of school uniforms! Awwwwesome.

Erm... this one? Mum? Dad? Beef? Someone...?

Skirt: Topshop

Are you a Londoner?

When you live in London, you realise there is the need to make plans during the week. It’s just something that MUST happen. Before I moved to England, my weeks were pretty normal. Coffee here, snack there, go to Uni/work, dinner sometimes when there is something to celebrate and that was it. And by week I mean Monday to Friday. The fun stuff always happened at the weekend. I dare saying that Lisbon in general works a bit like that. If people are not on holidays, a normal week doesn't involve much planning before Friday. But not in London my friends, no. If you want to be a Londoner, you have to have at least 2 busy nights between Monday and Thursday (or even Wednesday). There’s no going-home-after-work 2 days in a row, you loser! 

I must say I started noticing this when I moved in with my lovely (not real) twin. She’s pretty English and therefore… is never home! If I tell you that there are weeks we don’t see each other at all, I’m not lying. So let’s see:

Monday – is usually a quiet day as the Brits like to convince themselves they are not alcoholics because they don’t drink on Mondays - the Beef tells me this every week. Fail.
Tuesday – you need to go out as you were home the night before. So book dinner somewhere, maybe with the boyf or the best friend, something casual and not too crazy.
Wednesday – is the new Thursday. Everything is (supposedly) less busy and cheaper than on a Thursday and it’s mid-week so you’re allowed to get sh*tfaced.
Thursday – it’s THE night out of the week, if you are not hungover from yesterday. If you are, you need to go out anyway because you probably have some work drinks booked in.
Friday – you need to celebrate the weekend, right? Of course so at least dinner with friends (with wine or cocktails involved) just so you don’t get so ruined that you can’t go out tomorrow too.

And you have the weekend. Which (no doubt) involves drinking on Saturday and sit on your pants eating Domino’s on Sunday (is that just me?!).

So this week I've been a good girl and filled in my diary with dinner dates every day. Yay me. And guess what? They are pretty much all in Burger places! Yoohoo. Who’s going to be a little ball of a person on Monday, who is? I’ll let you know which one was the best one though. You see, I know about burgers…

T-Halloween: The costumes

Think this year everyone put quite an amount of effort into the Halloween costumes so thought I would share the best ones here. And also because everyone was just dying to feature on the pink blog, obvs.

The Tiger with the best face painting of all times by Sara - check out her awesome blog at

Tetris, Teacher and Trinity (Matrix)

Teletubbie (Po)

Looney Tunes' Taz


Twister and Tequila

Terminator and Thunderbird


Tim Riggins (Me!) and T-Rex



(Another) Tiger and Toga

What I'm wrapped up in @ Halloween

That's right. It's that time of the year I used to hate when I was back in Portugal. For some reason traditions are different and Halloween in Portugal means you need to dress up as a witch or the devil and have blood all over you otherwise you're out. And I've always hated fancy dress, especially when it involves face painting and wigs. Yuk. But luckily, in England the story is different. There's usually a theme and you can dress up as whatever you bloody want! Yoohoo! Because the Beef's birthday is always on Halloween, I can't really escape. 

So this year's theme was the letter T and (as usual) I found something that involved having to buy new clothes, but ones I could wear afterwards (HA!). Decided to go as my loved hero from the American Football series Friday Night Lights, Tim Riggins - if you have no clue who I'm talking about I suggest you google him as it will definitely make your life happier. 

Jersey Top: Project Social @ Topshop
White Leggings: Topshop

What I'm wrapped up in #10

Night night everyone! A bit of a dark outfit photo but I'm so in love with my new 'groove' shirt (as my sis says!) I had to share... Cold cold cold though!

Shirt: Topshop
Black Jeans: Zara
Earrings: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Wedgy Trainers (even though you can't see them properly!): Aldo

Oh Fur...

Cover your ears! Or do just the opposite. As you won't hear me saying this ever again! But I literally (and this is a one time and very easily forgettable wish) cannot wait for the proper winter to come so I can finally put on this beauty! Got it a month ago and still haven't tried it on. Not fair! Well apart from in this picture, when it was kindly delivered to my hands from my favourite courier... Say you love it?!
Fur Coat: Asos

FavSongOfTheDay #4

Heard this on Saturday night, in a club in Bromley. You ask: 'What the hell were you doing in Bromley?!'. Well, the Beef lives in what I call the country side so went shopping around there and ended up in a pub playing pool and listening to very loud music. Needless to say we went shopping for him and I'm the one who brought a whole new wardrobe home...

Look Right Through (MK Dub III)

By Storm Queen

First video post - let's dance

So the Beef keeps insisting I should start putting some video posts up on the pink blog. Meh, it's not really my thing to be honest. Unless I have some vodka lemonades first, don't really like videos as much as photos. But let's give it a go! I guess you'll get to know me a bit better so you can read my posts the way I write them - stupidly and sarcastically, above all.

Hello world @ video version!

Is there bigger loss than missing a bus?!

There mustn't be. By the amount of pushes, slaps, bag-punches you get when you find yourself within 10 meters of a bus stop, especially at rush hour, nope. No bigger loss. I would say it's a devastating state of mind. In particular for the elderly ones. Oh God, don't you go there. Don't you dare getting in their way or they will smash you straightaway with their shopping cart, walking stick or wheelchair even. There's nothing that can stop these naughty ones when they catch an eye on that lovely red bus... It's like a 3 year old in a chocolate factory: "Those are MY candies!"

The Bling Ring = The Waste of Time

This Sunday was one of those useless days I sometimes love. Spent in front of the TV, eating really bad food while it was raining like crazy outside - standard England. So after some crappy series (Made in Chelsea's 1st episode of Season 6 included), decided to finally watch this (apparent) Hollywood Hit everyone was talking about a while ago.

To note I was quite excited to watch The Bling Ring. Well, give me LA, give me celebs, give me designer clothes and I'm happy. Especially when this is all combined with pretty girls partying around and all the girlie rom-coms like that. Starting on Pitch Perfect and ending on Mean Girls, I'm all over that. So imagine my surprise, after watching 10 minutes of this script-less, humour-less, reality-less thing turning into a massive disappointment. There's literally nothing. No story, no dialogues, no entertainment, no good characters, nothing! Other than the clothes they wear, post robbing Paris Hilton's mansion. After some digging and dismissing the 100 reviews that talk about how amazing Emma Watson is in it (?!! Couldn't disagree more...), found the perfect comment that pretty much summarises my opinion about this film:

"Her (Sofia Coppola's) movie turns out to be an even more airheaded version of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers: a non-judgmental, over-repetitive, soulless account of dim-witted young people behaving badly. The good news is that most of Coppola’s movie, unlike Korine’s, is competently shot.  The bad news is that it’s even more of a wasted opportunity.", Daily Mail

Just.Perfect. Couldn't describe it better myself. My first thought was exactly "There can't be worse than the Spring Breakers...". In fact, Spring Breakers still wins as the most pointless film I've ever seen. And, totally agreeing with Daily Mail, it's terribly shot. It just doesn't make sense. A bunch of silly girls, running around in the same bikini the whole 94 minutes of film, slutting it around with the most disgusting guys out there. Well The Bling Ring is the rich version of it: a bunch of silly girls (and one very weird gay-or-not boy) running around in awesome designer clothes, slutting it around in fancy LA clubs. But don't forget the drugs part of it. Of course both have these girls disgracing themselves with lines of coke and bongs of weed.


Blog Lovin, my new favourite app

Hey! Playing catch up here to try and keep my blog up to date with all these 173839 apps and social media gadgets out there.

This is my new favourite one - blog lovin! It's a super cool app that allows you to follow the blogs you want and then shows you the latest posts you've missed in all of them! Try it on and follow the pink blog, obvs.

New, new, new

Couldn't resist! Have been thinking for a while if I should really get them, if they were actually cool or just an attempt. Well I guess you know the answer as I finally gave up to these bad boys (as the Beef would say). They do look a bit like I'm going to walk in the moon but mega comfy and definitely cool!

Wedgy Trainers: Aldo

From Fashion to High-Tech...

OMG OMG OMG. That’s right, fashion lovers. Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts is off to the States (back home, for her) to head the Strategy team of our favourite techy company – Apple.


I’m mega excited about this. Don’t know why I’m so thrilled really but I think I’m a bit of a feminist deep down. I still think people (a.k.a men!) take the piss sometimes just because we are women in a men’s world. Fact is, this is the 21st Century. And there shouldn’t be such silly concepts anymore. But working with Data every day I can’t help noticing, when I have to go to IT or some support team, the hint on their looks and a little imaginary thinking balloon saying “you stupid girl, what have you broken now? Just restart your machine, don’t you know that is the solution for everything?!”. Yep, true story, say what you want.


Back to the main subject, I am really happy some of the Big Ones are recognising the value of some really awesome women around the world. I must admit I never really came across the work Angela Ahrendts did with Burberry. It’s a brand that doesn’t really tell me much, I was never a big fan of the check pattern - probably because it was my Grandmother’s favourite and I always thought it was for when I grew older. But apparently – and I was told off by the Beef as I missed a couple of interesting workshops at work about this –  she was responsible for the first Flagship Store in Regent’s Street that is pretty awesome.


A couple of photos to make you want to drop everything and run to Central London's madness –


“The existing store on Regent Street has undergone a fashion fabulous facelift and has been turned in to a walk-in website, mirroring the label's fashion forward digital world and offering a totally new shopping experience for the West End.” Daily Mail


Clap clap clap to Angela Ahrendts who is now another true inspiration! Hopefully she’ll make the Apple Stores even more incredible than they are and, preferably, all pink.




What I'm wrapped up in #7

Today's work outfit, very black & white. Sorry about the selfies but the Beef wasn't around and there was no one else I could just ask, in the middle of the road, to snap my outfit for the pink blog. Just wasn't in the mood for bonding I guess.. Maybe some other time.

Shirt: Zara
Trousers: H&M (present from my little Beef)
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Urban Outfitters
Bracelet: Forever 21
iPhone cover: H&M

Público, o jornal das desgraças

NOTE: Sorry my fellow international friends for the portuguese post but it's been a while and it has to be done. I could do a whiny post about how bad is Portugal's situation at the moment but you don't care about that, I'm sure.


Assim muito de repente, gostava de dizer que entrar no site do Público nos dias de hoje é maravilhoso. A sério, uma experiência agradável e motivante, que nos deixa bem dispostos para o resto do dia.

Ora bem então vejamos, nas manchetes de hoje temos:

- Cortes na Função Pública - novidade n.º 1;
- Sismo nas Filipinas - desgraça n.º 1 (que ninguém tem culpa e é de facto uma grande desgraça em que nada se pode fazer mas conta na mesma);
- Enfermeiros em greve por 5 dias - novidade n.º 2;
- Pais de Maddie McCann apelam por informação - desgraça n.º 2/novidade n.º 3;
- Portugal tenta nova troca de dívida com a Troika - novidade n.º 4;
- "Alguém" proíbe manifestação da CGTP na ponte - não sei se desgraça ou novidade, estou confusa!

Enfim, nem vale a pena continuar. É noticia deprimente atrás de desgraça atrás de "mais do mesmo". Haja paciência! Uma pessoa quer manter-se informada com o que se passa por aí, para não sermos uns emigrantes vegetais que nem sequer sabem que há eleições no país e tal e coiso. Mas assim é difícil! É uma repetição de todo o tamanho, mais as greves e as manifestações e os cortes salariais e os cortes sei lá onde. Larguem as tesouras, chatos!

Já sabemos que está tudo mal, que somos uns tristes, que não vamos a lado nenhum, que os políticos são uns bichos e que não temos remédio. Mas vá lá, um bocadinho de animação só assim a meio da semana para cortar a maré de negatividade? Assim uma notícia boazinha, tipo qualquer coisa assim longínqua em que tenhamos tido sucesso recentemente. Não sei, digo eu. Se calhar não há nada e eu sou uma menina inocente. Mas custa-me a crer. Não perco a esperança meus amigos! A esperança de um dia entrar no Público e ver assim uma coisa extraordinária do género "o não sei quantos empreendedor lança a sua empresa do zero" - vocês ate gostam tanto desta nova onda do empreendedorismo juvenil e tudo! Ou em vez de bater sempre na tecla dos jovens desempregados, porque não uma estatísticazinha sobre os que acabam o curso e têm logo trabalho e até não estão assim tão deprimidos e revoltados como isso? Só para não acertar no ceguinho todos os dias e fazer a vontade à malta, 'tá? Obrigaducha.

Naked, the ugly juice

I've been given one of this precious bottles this morning on my way to work. The promoters were all very funny and loud - some of them screaming catchy phrases like "Get juicy, get naked" (!!!), the direct marketing strategies these days go above and beyond what I consider normal but anyways.

So they gave me this lovely bottle of Naked, apple, pineapple and kiwi juice smoothie that apparently - I was told as soon as I got to the office - costs around 3 pounds. I must say I'm not a massive fan of juices, let alone smoothies (hate thick drinks and you can stop right there with the dirty jokes!) but there are a couple of factors I take in consideration before I buy any kind of juice:

- Brand; We all know we care about brands whether we can afford it or not. Brand and presentation of the product.
- Price; For obvious reasons.
- Colour; Now this might be just me but doesn't everyone look at the colour of the juice before getting it? I mean, are you seriously going to buy some black s*** even if it says orange & mango on the label?!

Well I'm not. So here's my disappointment towards this thing. It's dark green, people. Not even dark green, it's grey. Grey like the water gets after mopping the floor! Grey like those disgusting smoothies girls take when they're on a diet! Why in hell would I want to drink that?! Especially when it has 255 calories + 52g sugars!!?

I'm shocked everyone is super fine with this so I had to post it. With the amount of money they are spending with this promotion (the guys are out there since 8 am, nonstop), could they not put some pounds aside to introduce a little food colouring and make it a tiny bit more appealing? Just saying...

What I'm wrapped up in #6

Went Oxford Street for some shopping. Crazy as usual but Victoria's Secret and Forever 21 are definitely worth it. Was a bit surprised to get in Forever 21 and see 15839 jumpers with sayings, just like mine. Honestly felt like people were looking at me thinking I had just stolen that one from there. Guess I'm with the trend...

Jumper: Asos
Trousers: Zara
Bag: (very old) Stradivarius
Trainers: Converse @ Offiice
Necklace: Vintage @ Portobello Market

We <3 VS!

That's right, we absolutely love Victoria's Secret. The angels (yes, the angels!), the wings, the clothes, the super-mega-sexy-hot lingerie, the SHOW, the stores, all of it really. I personally love even more just because it's pink. Obvs. 

Had two of my awesome girls over last week, visiting on my birthday. Despite the fact I was coughing like an old man, it was lovely. Andddd... They gave me the cutest VS perfume to have in my bag all the time. I'm in loooove. So in love I couldn't resist to go to the store (yes, I did want to get EVERYTHING) to buy the bigger version to have at home, of course.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

FavSongOfTheDay #2

Can't stop singing this... Pretty much since I've watched Pitch Perfect - the best film everrrr.

No diggity
By Blackstreet (original)

P.S. Fat Amy is THE BEST character of all times. Not debatable.

What I'm wrapped up in #5

Hey there! It's getting colder and colder by the hour... We're desperately trying to resist it (I know I am, thinking I can go out in a little blazer and be fine, pfft) but not for much longer. Here's my outfit from yesterday, clearly adopting winter colours and clearly advertising Zara... Like it?

Shirt: Zara
Black Jeans: Zara
Ankle boots: Topshop
Blazer: Zara
Bag: Zara
Necklaces: Forever 21
Bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: Limit @ Asos

Is it me or Groupon's website is unnavigable?

New word of the day: unnavigable. Something that is incapable of being navigated. Something that after all your efforts trying to go to a Homepage or something as basic as that, you just can't do. Something like Groupon's website, you see?

I've given some thought to this a couple of times. I know, I must have a lot of spare time in my hands. But I seriously thought about Groupon's website in the lines of: "Am I an idiot?", "Why can I not go back to Home or general Getaways?", "I must be doing something wrong, this can't be that hard, I'm a geek after all...". Fact is, every time I go on Groupon's website:

1st, I have to be redirected by the weekly email I get in my inbox (after opting out of the 4 a day you get when you sign in - has anyone heard of Clash Management or Air Traffic Control? Clearly not). If I go straight to the website it will ask me to sign up (again), put the city I live in (again) and it will reject my email (again) as I've already signed up in the past.

2nd, If I try to log in (when I'm lucky enough for them to give me that option), it says my email is wrong, my password is wrong, everything is wrong and I click 'Forgot password?' in vain, as it doesn't send me s***.

3rd, Once I'm there - redirected from the Getaways email - I absolutely cannot go to the general Getaways for that day or week. Because I was redirected, having to click in one specific deal (since there is no Call to Action button to go to the Homepage), I get stuck in like Worcestershire or some other middle-of-nowhere kind of place.

Why? Why, Grouponers, are you so damn obssessed with having my precious email address that you don't care about my beautiful (and potentially profitable for you) online experience? I was here so excited to book a weekend getaway and puff, nothing happened. Other than me getting angry at my screen and Your website crashing my Internet Explorer. Thanks for that.

Thursday's email most hated of all times...

And the oscar for the most annoying and not welcome email of all times goes to... Transport For London!!! Yoohoo. 

Even if we are in a reasonable OK mood on a Thursday morning, everything goes down the window when you get a pop up message with the lovely title Weekend line and station closures. Whyyyyyy? Howwww? How in hell do they have so much work to do EVERY weekend in the train/tube lines? Seriously. They are train lines for God's sake. Fair enough I'm not an expert in train's material or anything related. I understand it must be very hard and very complicated to build those awesome infrastructures that take us every day of the week to work easily and all that. But give us a bloody break!

Every single time I open my inbox, click on it and it goes:

"Dear Miss ...,

We are undertaking a comprehensive improvement programme across London’s transport network, including the modernisation of the Tube."

My immediate thought goes within the lines of:

"You F-ing Little C***-Sucker-Mother-F*****s!"

Ok, sometimes if I'm in a better mood than today I'll just go "Those little bastards!". But then I have a quick look at the lines affected at the same time the other side of my brain is working out what are my plans for the weekend and a hint of anger passes through my eyes until I forget about it and go back to what I was doing.

I would like to take this moment to make a small request to the lovely Transport For London people asking for ONE, one and only, just one little one, weekend without any works anywhere! WOW! How amazing would that be?! Then we will all be so grateful that hopefully no one will jump in front of a train for a whooole week. And I mean a week, it's a long time if you think about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Not So Anonymous But Slightly Upset Customer


Hello little friends! Here's another post type thing that has my name all over it - MUSIC! Yayyyy *you scream full of enthusiasm*.

That's right, decided to start posting what I'm listening to. To give you a bit of a pre-warning (it's not a warning, I don't do such scary things...), I'm the girliest girl and I like all the cheesy pop s*** that plays around. I like to think I'm also very cool and listen to super trendy indie stuff but fact is, I'm a Katy Perry by heart. So, really sorry everyone I am going to disappoint with this post but it just has to be done.

To start off, I'm going to say I'm still slightly obsessed with this one mainly because it reminds me of summer holidays! You know, that time of the year that happened a couple of months ago when we used to be happy...

Sonnentanz (Sun don't shine)
By Klangkarussel ft. Will Heard
Note: Of course I also love Cara Delevingne's version of this song. Mainly because it's Cara and she's awesome.

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