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Hello little friends! Here's another post type thing that has my name all over it - MUSIC! Yayyyy *you scream full of enthusiasm*.

That's right, decided to start posting what I'm listening to. To give you a bit of a pre-warning (it's not a warning, I don't do such scary things...), I'm the girliest girl and I like all the cheesy pop s*** that plays around. I like to think I'm also very cool and listen to super trendy indie stuff but fact is, I'm a Katy Perry by heart. So, really sorry everyone I am going to disappoint with this post but it just has to be done.

To start off, I'm going to say I'm still slightly obsessed with this one mainly because it reminds me of summer holidays! You know, that time of the year that happened a couple of months ago when we used to be happy...

Sonnentanz (Sun don't shine)
By Klangkarussel ft. Will Heard
Note: Of course I also love Cara Delevingne's version of this song. Mainly because it's Cara and she's awesome.

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