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I do like cool people...

I really do. And I mean those that don't make an effort for it, they're just like that! Especially bands. Come on, you're a rockstar - you HAVE to be cool.

And the Arctic Monkeys are cool. I'm not even a massive crying-my-eyes-out-on-the-frontline fan. I like some of their songs but haven't seen them live or anything. But after reading their interview today on Shortlist, I just love them more and really want to go to a gig. A bit late on the run, I know, there were about 345 Arctic Monkeys' gigs just in Portugal (let alone London!) that I've missed already but I'm sure they'll come again, wherever I am. And be even more awesome.

My favourite bit of the interview:

Aside from your ping-pong playing pal Leighton Baines, do many celebrity fans pop by?
MH: You get a few interesting ones on the guestlist. Simon Pegg came down the other day.
NO: Jimmy Page came to Earls Court.
MH: Yeah, we had a chat with Jimmy. Bit of pressure.
JC: Do you think he’s good at ping pong? I bet he plays...
AT: Traditional grip? Yeah, he f*cking does, doesn’t he?
You’ve admitted you’re not fond of the name Arctic Monkeys. What would you change it to?
NO: Fire Pony.
HA. Awesome. If you missed the link up there, check the full interview here.

In love with... #4.1

I did say I was on a coat hunt, getting pretty obsessed and slightly desperate! Well, since my first choice was out of stock and because it's just too easy to go on ASOS and get the perfect wardrobe, I just bought this beauty to replace my very old&worn black coat. And I might have bought the skirt too. And maybe another coat I'm still a bit indecisive about, just to try it on... I promise I'll send the second one back if it's not that amazing. Aiaiai. This is what happens when the Beef is not around. 

She's a bit annoyingly pretty - ignore her and picture it on me, yes? Yeah, maybe not for the boys then.

ASOS Cocoon Biker With Contrast Faux Fur Collar

FavSongOfTheDay #8

Nightttt, music friends! Been singing this literally ALL day today, after listening to it on my way to work this morning. I'm usually quite lazy to take my headphones and listen to anything in the morning - mainly because I'm always mega late - but it's amazing how it sets your mood for the day! So, if you are like me, force yourself to bring the iPod or make sure you have this one on your iPhone and put it on loop. Your life will change. Really.

By All About She

Techno Berlin day’n’night

Hellooo! You all good? I am, trying to find time to write a bit on my lovely pink platform! Christmas’ madness is coming and with that, all the dinners and parties and crazy English celebrations that seem endless. I love it obvs. Still haven’t changed my ringtone to All I want for Christmas is you though…

That said, here are some snaps of my short-but-crazy Berlin experience. I was dyiiiing to go as everyone said it was this AMAZING thing. Well, as some of you already heard, I didn’t find it that super awesome bucket list type of thing. To be noted:

- I was only there for a weekend, meaning I had one full day to visit the main attractions;
- It was a girls weekend, just 2 of us, not big fans of techno clubs;
- We were based on the East side as it’s meant to be the good and fun one but then again they say that about East London and that’s just not true;
- It was 1 degree for most of the time… Nothing to add to that.

Now, my comments:

- The whole city was under building work. Maybe they have a specific time of the year when they start all the ‘refurbishing’ – is it for Christmas?!... Otherwise it’s just weird, complemented by random pipes in the middle of the roads that were only cool because they were pink;
- No one seems to know anything about the city. “Where can we find some places to shop?”, Hmm there’s nothing just a shopping centre; “Where can we go get a drink before going out in East?”, Hmm we don’t have bars, or coffees, or pubs – you just go mental with pills and alcohol to the prisons clubs, I presume?!;
- The Berlin Wall is tiny, thinner than a Victoria Secret model and probably not taller than the tallest guy on Guiness;
- The centre of East, Alexanderplatz (where we were staying) is like Colombo in the middle of 2a Circular. For the English people, it’s like 2 huge shopping centres in the middle of a motorway – gigantic buildings, with super large roads with like 5 lanes each way! Ines and I got there at 1am Friday and it was so deserted we thought we were in the furthest place possible from the centre.
- Lastly, as my friend Lightly said, it’s a city built on techno. Which sucks for someone that hates techno music. And techno people and clothes. But I guess I should have known that.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t go Tresor if you don’t like techno and prison cells in general. Something I would like to have known beforehand.

Other than the above, we did have a good time. Loads of gossip, ate really well – the restaurants are amazing as they have all sorts of food in each place: Italian, tapas, sandwiches, fish, meat, all of it! And, more importantly, cocktails! Yoohoo! Met some cool people in an awesome shop I still need to advertise on the blog, lots of randoms on the tube (standard tourist!), more randoms outside the craziest club ever… All the perks of a girls city break really.

Enough with the talking, enjoy some photos! x

Berlin – I will come back, for a longer and maybe a bit more researched experience. If anyone is living in Berlin please let me know – I’m getting lazy and only visiting cities where I have wise friends to tell me where to go!

In love with... #4

It's been AGES since I've been trying to find a new coat this year. I'm being mega picky as I have the perfect coat in my mind but still! How hard can it be?! The ideal bad boy would be a long blazer type of thing, camel at first and now I've extended the filter to light grey as well - being very good here! Saw this one at ASOS and oooobviously it's sold out. Typical. Not sure it would be warm enough though, 3 degrees is bones-freezing weather... 

Oasis Leather Look Trim Coat @ ASOS

What I'm wrapped up in #18

Night night everyone! Just a quick outfit post before the weekend, in a ridiculous cold London that is freezing my little bones. Even though it's always casual for me now, casual Friday always feels different. Or maybe I'm just drunk and no one cares. Kisssh x

Coat: Public Beware @ Brick Lane
Tshirt: Topshop 
Leather Trousers: H&M
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo
Bag: Birkin @ Hermes
Scarf: Unknown from Sis
Necklace: H&M

What I'm wrapped up in #17

Morning everyone, from rainy London! Yes, today it's one of those days you just want to stay on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate (no tea, not than English yet!). Because it's dead cold, there is no going in a thin shirt to work anymore. And that doesn't totally suck as we get to wear all our blazers & cute cardigans underneath our coat. Which turns the look into a more sophisticated version, I would say... No? 

Blazer: Mango
Shirt: Zara
Scarf: No idea, stole it from my sister! Probably H&M
Printed Jeans: Zara

Is he HOT, is he NOT…?!

N.B. I start by saying I’m a hypocrite. I am and I admit it. Why? Because my boyfriend is the Beef and he goes against all the rules I state below. Well maybe not all, especially not the bracelets one, that would be the end. But I must say he’s in current training and it’s going well, with all the “Party Shirts” coming for approval first (don’t tell him that, he doesn't know. The trick is to make it sound like it’s all their idea…) and the track suit option being a marriage stopper. Give me time!

Found myself daydreaming about this today. As an obsessed-by-shopping person, I can’t help to notice every single piece of clothes everyone is wearing all the time. Especially in meetings, where there is only one person talking for most of the time and not always directly to you; and especially to the top of the body, as the rest is under the table. When I’m walking around the office, I definitely check out all the girls and pretty much know their wardrobes by heart. But in this case, I’m referring to men particularly.

Having worked in a corporate environment for the past 3 years, I've always thought men were super lucky without even realising it. Fair enough they can’t vary much from the grey/dark blue/black suit trousers and a shirt – debatable, you would always find an anomaly within the company that has some twisted concepts of a smart dress code. But if you look at it from another perspective, they are quite blessed. Why? Well –

- The majority of men in your company probably wear a track suit for most of the time they’re not in an actual suit. And you’re lucky if you can escape the slippers when at home;
- From the ones that don’t, about 70% are likely to have ugly clothes in general, including white trainers or pointy shoes at best;
- The other 30% (thinking I’m actually being generous here!) should be OK, although you can count with some random item every once and a while that makes you doubt if you’re potentially interested.

BUT. And because there is always a but, my point is: they are lucky because you don’t always know!! You can roughly work out their type but you don’t know which category they belong to if their dress code is quite plain to work. Example: If he doesn't know the word fashion or has any sense of style but doesn't want to look like a fool and is fairly clued up he will wear a black suit and white/blue shirt variations all the time. Now, how do you know?! You don’t. Especially when they are in a pack. It’s kind of the cheerleader effect, you see? All in a room, similar clothes, OK perfumes and you go: Wow! WRONG. Major mistake.

Now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, there is a sign that can help you identify these dangerous species: the wrists. Weird? Not so much. Going back to the meeting room, where they are all sat down and you can only see the shirt and this might be an OK one, look at the wrists. There is no bigger turn-off than the “lucky bracelets”. Yes, those colourful ones we used to wear when we were 12, for good luck and happiness or whatever they sold us at the time. Whyyyyyy?! And why do they always have to come in a pack too? 1, 2, 3, they go crazy! Maybe thinking ‘oh who notices this?! It’s totally fine, it will probably be covered by the watch…’. Of course we notice! And of course you lose all your credibility!

And of course the HOT goes NOT, just like that…

What I'm wrapped up in @ Berlin

Olaaa friends! Sorry for the no-posts-weekend but as you know I went to crazy Berlin and had no internet, obvs - so good to come back to my lovely 3G/WiFi-that-works. So Berlin was 1 degree cold and had to keep my awesome fur coat on pretty much all the time but typically in these cold countries the places inside are all soooo warm. So here's my outfit for Saturday night when we went clubbing - I mean, we tried but think we were probably the only 2 souls in that very dark club that weren't on drugs... I'll leave this discussion for a dedicated post on Techno Berlin day'n'night kind of thing!

In love with my tiger dress though! ✌

Dress: River Island
Denim shirt: Pull & Bear
Wedgy Trainers (obvs!): Aldo
Phone Cover: Urban Ourfitters
New Lipstick + Nail Varnish: Kiko

FavSongOfTheDay #7

Want to be instantly happy? Listen to this! Love, love, love! I miss my carrrrrr so I can listen to these songs all the time. It's hard to keep up when you don't actually listen to shuffled songs other than in your mac.. Definitely putting this on my phone right now for tonight's trip!

By Sweet Female Attitude

What I'm wrapped up in #16

Morning little pies! Everyone alright? I’ve definitely had a better morning than yesterday, no bathroom incidents – just a sore bum and leg! Andddd… I’m going to Berlim today! Yoohoo! My friend from school was there this week for a conference (I love having important friends!) and suggested a girlie weekend in that awesome city I’ve never been. Exciting stuff. 

This is my outfit today for the trip (after work!) – comfy casual, with a cheeky see-through top just in case we end up going to a fancy bar before I have the chance to change! Only going for the weekend but I’m sure I’ll have some cool pictures and outfits to post on Monday… Laters! x

Coat: Pull&Bear
Shirt: Primark
Lacy Mini Top (underneath the shirt): H&M
Jeans: H&M
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Wedgy Trainers (obvs!): Aldo

What I'm wrapped up in #15

Hello hello. Here I am with an outfit post after the eventful morning that left me with a fat lip looking like I have herpes. Yuk. This was another one of my looks of last weekend in beautiful Portugal, after gossiping way too much at brunch with my pretty babe Inês. I was desperate to try on my new ankle boots, obvs. And it was sooooo sunny when these pictures were taken...(tear...!)..

Lovelyyyy <3

Shirt: Pull&Bear
Jeans: Topshop
Bag (that I wore all weekend): Urban Outfitters
Ankle Boots: Eureka Shoes

Do people still fall over in bathrooms?!

Or is that just in films? I've always thought things like falling over in the bathroom, leaving the house in your pajamas or breaking the heel in the middle of the road only happened to that stupid Bridget Jones and Co. Well not the last one as she's so clumsy and ridiculous she can't wear heels - yes, I hate Bridget Jones and Bridesmaids and all those stupid (mainly English) films made for sad women to think it's ok to be ugly, fat and clumsy that they will still get the prince. No, it's not ok. And no, you won't get the prince. Moving on.

Truth is, today I felt like one of these women. I don't consider myself that super clumsy person that knocks over every object on the table or breaks every glass on the sink - hate leaving glasses on the sink just to avoid that and actually, at home, this person is the Beef. Butter hands. Think my sister would disagree though, as she used to give me the looks when I was a free soul child eventually embarrassing her in public. She also thinks little Vasco has to get his clumsiness from someone so I'm the chosen one. 

Anyway, I like to think I'm not too bad but today I was. 7am, still half asleep, went to the bathroom to have my morning shower. All fine until I decided not to lift my knee high enough and get stuck between the bath tub and its stupid glass door - these modern things, wouldn't have happened with a good old curtain! Result: flew through the bathroom, completely naked, ending up with my face on the floor and a bloody lip. Perfect. Just perfect.

I won't show you my leg as it's ugly, inappropriate and it ruins my reputation. 

FavSongOfTheDay #6

An oldie this time that I've listened on the radio and been singing since! It reminds me of the best film everrrrrr - The Devil Wears Prada. #iloveannehathaway

Suddenly I See
By KT Tunstall

In love with... #3

My new ankle boots! They're a result of that thing that annoys us the most - being in middle sizes. ARGH.

Mum gave me some awesome high heel camel ankle boots for my birthday. Looooved them. She was so sweet that sent them through my friends so I could get them on my birthday day. Cute. Size 37 - too big. I walked and they fell off my feet. Not very classy. Posted them back to exchange for size 36. She posted them back again to the Beef - too small. Hurting like crazy. ARGH. Gave up and went to the shop to try size 37 again and see what to do. Change of plans, fell in love with these beauties. Problem solved.

Ankle Boots: Eureka Shoes

Have a look at their website. It's all Made in Portugal - therefore with an amazing quality HA! - but you can get it online!

What I'm wrapped up in #14

In love with this outfit my awesome Sis gave me for my birthday! All from Zara (she's even more obsessed with it than me!) and wore it for Dad's 60th party. Colours are not great so you have a picture from the website to see it better - very strange and lucky I would say, as Zara's website is probably the worst clothes website of the history of the websites, with the ugliest models in even more ugly mannequin poses, looking inanimate.

Blouse: Zara

Whole Outfit: Zara
Ankle Boots: Topshop
Necklace: Forever 21

FavSongOfTheDay #5

Addicted, addicted, addicted. Hopefully it's not one of those ones I put in a loop and then get sick of it after a week... It's been a while now so I'm doing ok.

By Wilkinson

What I'm wrapped up in #13

Hello friends. Good weekend? Mine was awesome. Portugal was sunny and great, Dad loved the party and I got to do loads of shopping with my sister which sums up to a perfect weekend. It also means that I'm in the worst mood today, having to deal with stupid people in the stupid tube this morning. Hate people, hate public transports, hate everything.

However, it's time to post my outfits from the warm weekend! Saturday was shopping day so chose my beloved plaid shirt for a casual I'm-super-cool look. Like it?

Plaid shirt (as you've seen): Topshop
Tee: Forever 21
Jeans: Topshop
Bag (new!!): Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Forever 21
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo

In love with... #2

... My new baby! Perfect size, perfect shape, classy and comfy. What else?! 

Got it in a very quick trip to Urban Outfitters on Wednesday that cost me much more than I was expecting. Standard me. Or every shopaholic girl really. Anyway, I'm off to Lisbon for Dad's big 60th! Excitedddd. Don't know what in wearing for the party yet but suspect I will get way too many options by tomorrow...

Shoulder bag: Urban Outfitters 

Bonfire Night - Where is the bonfire?!

Says the History that yesterday was a memorable day. Why? Well apparently that was this mental guy, named Guy Fawkes, that decided to set the Big Ben on fire on November 5th, 1605... And failed. Since then, and because I'm in England and this only happens in England, November 5th is Bonfire Night. Now one would think there is a super famous bonfire like the Uni parties in American movies. Not really. As far as I know - there might be some very devoted Brits making their own bonfires in the middle of nowhere I don't know about - there's no special bonfire in London or at least no one took me there. I was expecting something really deep and historical, with some kind of weird tradition of throwing your regrets to the fire and restart a new life. I know, I've probably been watching Vampire Diaries too much. Nevertheless, there is something happening on this date every year - fireworks and A LOT OF TRAFFIC. 

There I was, coming back from some work training in the country side, after 3 lovely hours of traffic, when decided to be a nice girlfriend and ask the Beef if he wanted to go see the fireworks. Stupid, stupid girl. You see, this is one of those things in a relationship where we swap places. Of courseeee I don't care about fireworks. And of courseeee he does. Like a child on Christmas morning. So we went to Crystal Palace to the big event. What an experience! Don't even need to say it was impossible to circulate on the roads. Cars everywhere, people everywhere, kids with stupid swords everywhere. The Beef asks for cash - "why do you need cash?! Oh, 5£ entry in a public park just to see some fireworks. They must be some reeeeal good ones. Walk in the park, mud everywhere. I mean proper mud. All over my Topshop boots. *SCREAM*. The fireworks are on. I must admit it is quite cool. Fireworks are that cool thing you need to see to understand. You can’t explain properly, you can’t take proper photos and you can barely remember it after it’s gone. I think it’s weird like that. Disappointment of the night: there was no last-one. You know, that last big moment when there is a giant explosion that makes you ‘whoaaa’. No, finished, just like that.

Now you ask – “Where are the photos? Or just one cute romantic one to prove you are a good girlfriend and so he remembers forever you went with him even if you were so hungry you could eat a whole cow?” – Phone died. Right before it started.

REST OR... Pretty people

Because I have such cool friends, had to add (autocorrect just wrote 'ass', so tempted to leave it!) some more photos of the party. This was another one of my mega-awesome-dj friend Chris' nights. They are usually pretty good but this time he exceeded himself when he played two of my FavSongOfTheDay tracks as part one of his sets: No Diggity and Look Right Through. Amaaazing. I'll leave you some of the outfits and photo poses...

Stuart didn't get the no-blood memo.

P.S. I've just made a dream come true by featuring Jacqui Bird (the sexy cat) on the pink blog.

What I'm wrapped up in @ Fancy Halloween

Yes I know, for someone that doesn't like Halloween I'm celebrating it pretty often. Well, it just happened. And as I said, everything is a good excuse to buy something new.

This was a fancier version of Halloween for me. No theme or mandatory rule of disgusting blood all over me so decided to use it as an excuse to wear one of these super sexy masks that make you look mega glamorous. Or at least I would hope so...!

Top: H&M 
Red Trousers: Zara
Bag: Primark
Mask: Accessorize

Isabel Marant @ H&M

OMG. Of course everyone's already well aware of this but had to share my enthusiasm! Yes, we will all be able to buy Isabel Marant's clothes at H&M on the 14th November. And yes, it will be the best day of our lives. Whoaaa, let's not push it that far. To be honest I'm not a fan since forever. As you've probably noticed, I don't really get into the whole Designer/Couture thing if it's not for my pocket. It's just a thing I have, if I can't buy it why drooling at the displays on the King's Road every day or make Net-a-Porter my homepage?! It will only make me sad. So I try to keep myself up to date (obvs!) without suffering too much. You should try it, it's good for you.

Anyway, since I made my way into the blogosphere and started falling in love with Sincerely Jules and Lizzy Van der Ligt's blogs, I started to crave some of Isabel Marant's MUST HAVE clothes. I find her style quite cool, that casual chic you can look good in any occasion. And, most importantly, she has some statement pieces that make your wardrobe stand out!

Will definitely be there on the 14th, hoping it doesn't turn out to be like Primark on sale! If that's the case, Isabel Marant will have to wait as I'm not losing my hair over it...

What I'm wrapped up in #12

Hello blog friends! Here is Friday's outfit, after a really cool meal at Cabana Brazil in Tottenham Court Road. Personally think it could be slightly better although I might have a Portuguese advantage (or disadvantage in this case!) that makes me expect more from our brothers in South America. Still worth trying if you're into this Brazilian type of thing, really good atmosphere.

It is quite cool being able to wear pretty much everything for work now, just another excuse to buy all sorts of clothes that won't be just for weekends. Sweeeet.

Shirt: Primark
Trousers: Topshop
Wedgy Trainers (finally on display!): Aldo
Beanie: H&M

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