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What I'm wrapped up in #32

Ok I admit it. I'm in a fur kind of mood. Don't ask me why but these beauties scream for my name in the shops and I just can't say no. The Beef asks every day if I'm wearing the same top as yesterday - poor thing, his fashion skills don't go much further than texture, not even colour sometimes. To be fair, I have been filling up the wardrobe with all sorts of furry pieces lately - and oh they do take a lot of precious space! Wore this outfit last weekend for an amazing dinner at Burger & Lobster (post to be up soon!) - after all lobster demands some fashion rules no?!

Fur Top: Topshop
Shorts: Zara
Ankle Boots: Topshop
Coat: Zara
Earrings: Accessorize
Watch: Michael Kors

What I'm wrapped up in #31

Oh the leopard print never disappoints. Or the fur. I must say I pushed it a bit over the edge this time as it wasn't a casual day at work but oh well I'm wearing a blaser aren't I?! Love the yellow top for a bit of life in the combo - as my Downton Abbey faves would say, we mustn't be stuck to the black & white all the time even if we really want to sometimes. Also in love with my new make-up! Like it? Tell meeee. 

Fur Coat: ASOS
Blazer: Forever 21
Top: H&M
Trousers: Zara
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors
Cross Necklace: Forever 21

Taps&Burgs #2

It's been a while since my last Taps&Burgs post - shame on me. Guess I haven't been going out for dinner as often (bit too maniac at work!) but nothing to stop me eating my favs of course. Today's place is a proper Tapas one, where I used to go with my lovely Spanish class girls back at the old job - The Port House.

The place is super cozy (as all my fav places are!) but surprisingly big - I've recently discovered the top floor! Quite romantic I would say, with low light and cute candles but also suitable for the usual girls catch up. The staff is really nice, friendly and mainly Spanish, which allows us to practice a bit. 

The Tapas are a-mazing. And I do like the fact that this place seems to have the country's specialities rather than the usual ones. Although, my favourites are obviously the chicken and ham croquettas.

We've tried some new ones this time involving seafood in a rice bed and a good looking pork steak.

And then the usual chorizo platter & patatas bravas.

Do check The Port House's website here and book it in the diaries - it's just round the corner from Covent Garden, on the Strand.

Must have: White Port Sangria. Yes, I know, it sounds amazing and it is amazing. 

The phone battery that has its own will

There are a lot annoying things with a phone. Just a general one, not being picky about brands. It's annoying when you're texting, want to delete a word and somehow manage to delete the whole sentence; it's annoying when you're writing an email and there's no internet when you press send; it's annoying when you're in a rush and every word you type goes wrong and becomes even more wrong with the auto correct; it's very annoying when you press send too quickly, the auto correct is quicker and you have to resend it; it's annoying when you're writing a huge blog post and run out of battery without saving. I could go on for 3 days here. But what is REALLY annoying is the fact that your 1% of battery lasts for about 2 hours when you're home, right next to a charger and just being lazy; and your 10% of battery last about 5 nanoseconds when you're alone in the middle of the night and desperately need to call someone to know where you're going. That my friends, just drives a poor soul to madness.

The make-up saga

Right, if you come here fairly often or know me the slightest you've probably noticed make-up is not really my thing. I don't wear much and I don't post about it - mainly because I know very little about the subject. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those perfect little girls that are naturally tanned, with super long eyelashes and Adriana Lima's lips (yuk, hate this word!). But I guess I was quite blessed with my skin - or so my friends tell me - and therefore never learnt anything I should have! I blame the Mum and the Sister, that are exactly the same. My Mum goes crazy with a tiny bit of eyeliner every day and my Sister... Well my sister has a whole set of expensive make-up that gets used like once a month. 

Even not knowing a thing about the subject, I do have mirrors and they do tell me I look like a glass of milk every day. I was blessed with the good skin but a very pale one. So since I've started working - and moved to London - I rarely leave the house without some bronzer or mascara (to make these little mouse's eyelashes look a bit more normal). On a night out, I go crazy with the eyeliner which I've only managed to learn how to use it about 2 years ago. 

I've been using Sephora for like 3 years now. It's easy, not expensive and it lasts. I have the bronzer (darker than what it should be!) and the pink blusher to make me look a bit healthier. On top of this, I use Maybelline's mascara and one of two lipsticks that I carry all the time - a Barry M light pink one or one from Kiko that is slightly darker. This has been working for me up until now but I can't stop noticing, now that I look even more at pretty girls to check out their outfits, that some of them do look really good and their make-up looks even - unlike mine that I do on the train and you can almost see the brush format marked in my face. So, I finally gave up and agreed to sit in that awful chair at the make-up shop where they do whatever they want with your face. The girls suggested bareMinerals for something light.

I was so awkward they said I blushed! How ridic. I looked at the shop girl and she had an awful lot of make-up on. I clearly panicked and repeated 3 times I wanted something really simple and light that you could barely notice. And (surprisingly) she was actually good! Gave me a light foundation to match my skin colour and apply a super thin & even coverage. I obviously said that was way too light and I still looked like a ghost. Always so impatient! She then applied the bronzer on the T area and the magic happened: perfect healthy skin tone, not too orange and not too pale! 

You can imagine it didn't take me long to fall in love with the shop as it's totally pink and princessy.

Result: brought with me the whole super pink Starters kit that is just about perfect! I'm in looove. 

Starters kit (50£):
Original Mineral Foundation (N20)
Warmth All-Over Face Colour
Tinted Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
Foundation Primer
3 Brushes
Instructions & DVD (that I watched with the twin as soon as we got home, obvs)

Sooooo happy with my new make-up set it's unreal. Still don't go crazy and all orange face but definitely feel prettier (especially in the mornings!). Needless to say all the girls left the shop with a Starters kit except for the Bird, who should definitely get a referral fee for this!

Two midgets & one Finn

What I'm wrapped up in #30

The tartan leggings. Haaaa. This is actually quite a funny purchase. I've been a bit obsessed with the whole tartan, plaid and check pattern in general and have acquired quite a few clothes of this trend. These ones were a result of my morning scan through the wind of clothes around me in the tube rush. Saw the skinniest girl wearing them and suddenly I had to have them. I had definitely seen then before, no idea where but that couldn't be so hard to find out could it?! It wasn't, first pop into Topshop and there they were, waiting for me in the petite section. Loooove at first sight.

Denim Shirt: Pull&Bear
Leggings: Topshop
Coat: Zara
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo
Necklace: H&M
Earrings: Accessorize

What I'm wrapped up in #29

Hello blog friends! Here is a casual & very furry outfit from this weekend. Had my eyes on this Topshop jumper for about 2 months and did nothing about it but of course when it was still there on Sale I knew I had to have it. We can't ignore these signs can we?! And because the fur wasn't enough, had to top it up with a feathers' collar t-shirt underneath... Like it?!

Jumper: Topshop
T-shirt: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Handbag: Zara
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo

The blazer issue

My dearest friends, I come in peace to express my frustrations and give a bit of a tip on a peculiar subject. I'm pretty sure the majority of men who are potentially reading this never even thought about what I'm about to say so this is for you. And some women too, don't think you can leave your seat!

So you know when the winter starts, it gets a bit chilly and you go to your fav shop to get a new blazer or a new coat for the season? Well, if you pick a decent one, it will come with a little cross made by sewing lines on the back, right at the bottom, in the centre of it. This is to keep it within its form and it's there for a reason. Although, this reason stops existing when you actually WEAR the coat/blazer. This is to be cut!!! Like a price tag, you see? Do not walk down the road thinking you're rocking a cool one with the little cross in the end that makes you look like a coat hanger! Makes sense?! 

Ok, that's all.

Hurrah, 10k robots!

What a weird post header, you must be thinking. Well, it feels like I should do a cheery post for hitting the 10,000 views! Yoohoo! I would in fact be ridiculously happy about this (I secretly am!) if it wasn't for the Beef to keep saying these are all robots. You know, those weird websites like vampirestat that apparently contribute largely for your blog's page views so they can have some too - still think this is the stupidest job ever, sorry if any of you is part of it. But seriously, someone's here trying to have a cool blog with loads of people coming in and getting automatically blind with all the pinkness but still coming back for some reason... And I can't find out if they are true human beings or just a bunch of robots. The Beef says they're ALL robots. All of you! What a lack of faith. Anyway, since I do believe some of you are, in fact, real (ok at least my Mum, my best friends and the Beef...) - thank you lots for reading me, laughing at me, commenting me, inspire me and... making me want to fall over in bathrooms more just so I have something funny to post about. YOU ROCK.

Now my 2014 Blog Resolution is to make the pink platform bigger, better and broader. 3 B's. So please do share & suggest - new ideas, posts, subjects, looks, everything! - to help me making this happen! New email address to follow in the Me, Me, Me page so you can bombard me with messages of all sorts (except insults, I get quite sensitive!). 

<3 M

What I'm wrapped up in #27

#schoolgirl. Yep, I've surrendered to the school girl wave and got my tartan skirt/shorts in one of my trips to Zara's sale. In-love. That said, couldn't resist to try on the whole outfit. Must say it does not help me being a midget and having to carry a laptop in a bagpack around - I look no older than about 12. Still, my shorts are awesome.

Coat: Zara
Jumper: Topshop
Shirt: Pull&Bear
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Eureka
Necklace: Forever 21

In love with... #6: the cape

Evening, blog friends. This post is a special one because my outfit comes from a special place. As I posted before, this is clearly the coat & heavy cardigan season. With this, we mustn't forget the capes. I know, I know it's all a bit 'The Little Red Riding Hood' story... But! You absolutely cannot deny the come back of the capes this year and the need we have to get our hands on them. Because of this, I got my perfect cape made just for me by Verde Agua's atelier. It does sound all Portuguese I know but the demand is such that I'm sure it will be soon (if not yet) shipping the beauties abroad. 

In love yet? Want one? You have lots to pick from - decide the cape and fur colour, the hood's pattern and if you want a little golden detail in the front. Learn more about these super cheap & trendy lovelies on Verde Agua's Facebook page here. Like the page, have a browse and private message them for more details!

Cape: Verde Agua
Jeans: Topshop
Jumper: ASOS
Shoes: Eureka

Portuguesey @ Chef Nino

And I'm back with the Portuguese delights. This one is a brunch type of place that I definitely try to go to when I'm in Lisbon. The place is amazing, the people are super nice and the food is absolutely delicious with that hint of healthiness that doesn't make you feel like you have to run to the gym right after. 

The place

Chef Nino is located in Lisbon, at Lx Factory - which tells you straightaway the kind of place that is. With the same Shoreditch touch as my last post, it's even more cozy and tiny, making you feel like you are just having brunch at a friend's. Surprisingly, I've been there twice and never had to wait for a table - which would never ever happen in London.

The people 

You can pretty much find everyone here. Cute families full of kids, quiet little couples, friends having the weekend catch up... What you can't find is massive tables with huge groups - the place is too tiny for that.

The food

The best place for me. Why? Because it makes the choices easier and I don't have to be indecisive for about 15 min to then prefer my neighbour's meal. They have a set brunch with variants in some ingredients, drinks and desert/coffee. 

They bring you this amazing bread plate at the start while they tell you the variants of the day. Trust me, by this time you're already convinced.

I went for the Brie with honey & nuts - in one word, yum.

Jo tried the ham & chorizo, with black olive patĂȘ. Both came with a glass of carrot soup just at the right temperature, yogurt & cereal for desert, salad with lettuce, rocket and pasta, and a square of spinach quiche. De-li-ci-ous.

The best part of all of this is that all of it is incredibly cheap. Which makes you want to come back even more. Especially when you make a random request of a bit of bread & butter for the way - to feed a starving nephew and niece that came to pick me up - and they are more than happy to get it. 

You can know more about Chef Nino at their Facebook page here. And because this place never stops pleasing us, they are actually known for their ice creams which you can also have a look on their page and pick your favourite to have after your brunch!

Two very happy girls with a full stomach - miss you already Jo <3

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