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The phone battery that has its own will

There are a lot annoying things with a phone. Just a general one, not being picky about brands. It's annoying when you're texting, want to delete a word and somehow manage to delete the whole sentence; it's annoying when you're writing an email and there's no internet when you press send; it's annoying when you're in a rush and every word you type goes wrong and becomes even more wrong with the auto correct; it's very annoying when you press send too quickly, the auto correct is quicker and you have to resend it; it's annoying when you're writing a huge blog post and run out of battery without saving. I could go on for 3 days here. But what is REALLY annoying is the fact that your 1% of battery lasts for about 2 hours when you're home, right next to a charger and just being lazy; and your 10% of battery last about 5 nanoseconds when you're alone in the middle of the night and desperately need to call someone to know where you're going. That my friends, just drives a poor soul to madness.

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