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NYC Guide: Day 1 & A Bit Of Rain.

So we were in New York. After too many travel hours, one Sex and the City and one Harry Potter films later, we were there. Oh My God. Did I say this was my dream trip since I was like 10? Oh yeah, I must have. Headed to our hotel to drop the massive suitcases (half empty, clever girls) - just the perfect excuse to get in a yellow cab. Eek! Unfortunately for us, we probably got the dirtiest, oldest and weirdest yellow cab that must exist in the whole NYC. Like with old food everywhere and a bunch of cables instead of a radio, weird. Either way, happy as ever!

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NYC Guide: Intro

Hi friends! You must have seen this coming but: I freaking LOVED New York. I was one of those idiots that used to say "NYC is my dream city to live in", "Oh, but have you been before?", "No, but I just know it.". Take that, pals! I knew I was born to live there. Maybe when the frogs start singing, the trees start walking and the Beef has a nervous breakdown and changes his mind we can move there for a bit. That said, of course I am going to post ALL about it - it will be The Portuguese Pink Pie's NYC Guide. Or just a bunch of nice photos for you to get inspired and book your flights.

To give you a bit of a taste, here's a quick slideshow with some of our best moments - C & M, just like Serena & Blair, taking over the entire city ❤️ 

Stolen Dance
By Milky Chance

Post-Easter, Pre-Summer

So, remember my last post before Easter (here) where I said we'd be all in the same page after the break? This is in fact the I'm-so-fat-I-want-to-die page, right behind the God-damn-all-those-Easter-eggs one. That's right, it's that time of the year when you're feeling guilty for having had all those massive chocolate eggs your grandmother insisted on giving you. And you're now also feeling guilty thinking you'll never fit in that bikini. Or those tiny shorts. Well, if you're one of those skinny b*tches that doesn't have to lift a pencil to be super fit then goodbye you, please leave in silence.

If you're not, then can you please join me in my close-my-mouth season, adding some extra fun called EXERCISE?! I'm sure we'll all do better if we stick together really. I made the Beef my personal trainer and this was my first session.

Jumper: Oxford Uni @ Oxford Street | Tracksuit Bottoms: Topshop | Trainers: Adidas

It went well, apart from the fact I was shouting for mercy after 8 minutes of running that seemed like 8 hours. 'I can't breatheeeee!' was my favourite saying for half an hour. Anyway, it's started. Even though NY is coming next week (eeek!) and that's going to be a challenge but oh well, we'll try. I'll let you know how it went. Do share your pain now, please!

P.S. My hair is not red or ginger, it was just a bad sunset light, no panic!

WI'MWUI #51: Yellow squares

A super quick outfit before the weekend - just about to go out for Friday drinks once I get this work done! This was my last traveling combo, you're going to see this coat more often - trust me! Have a nice weekend everyone, I'm sure I'll be in touch x


Um outfit assim muito rápido antes de começar o fim-de-semana - quase quase a sair para as Friday drinks se conseguir acabar tudo o que tenho para fazer hoje no trabalho! Este foi o meu kit de viagem da última vez, vão ver este casaco por aqui mais vezes - acreditem! Bom fim-de-semana a todos, ainda venho cá dar um olá nos entretantos x

Coat: Zara | Stripy Longsleeve: H&M | Jeans: Topshop | Slip-Ons: Topshop | Scarf: H&M | Handbag: Urban Outfitters

Easter Snaps

And the Easter break is gone. How about a quick run through the best bits with some stunning pictures to add to it? Oh go on then. 

It started well with an amazing lunch at Bar do Guincho.

[Bar do Guincho - Cascais] 

[Prawn & squid skewer]

Totally recommend it if you're staying in Cascais, even for a quick visit. Amazing view of Praia da Adrága and, as you can tell, amazing food to go with it. Don't forget to order the white Sangria - oh summer!

Once our stomachs stopped complaining, we headed to Boca do Inferno for a little touristic pretend - since every time the Beef comes to town, all we do is eat and drink with the family, culture not so much.

The (three) kids had some fun at the beach.

Easter Sunday was spent in Sintra - a lot of family and babies everywhere!

Monday was time for some (and the only) shopping at Chiado with the sun shining! Then a quick bite at No Solo Italia in Belém - near the river, amazing food and even better caipiroskas!

[Eureka Shoes Store - Chiado] 

 [No Solo Italia Restaurant]

[Padrão dos Descobrimentos - Belém]

A good long weekend, never quite long enough...

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