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NYC Guide: Day 1 & A Bit Of Rain.

So we were in New York. After too many travel hours, one Sex and the City and one Harry Potter films later, we were there. Oh My God. Did I say this was my dream trip since I was like 10? Oh yeah, I must have. Headed to our hotel to drop the massive suitcases (half empty, clever girls) - just the perfect excuse to get in a yellow cab. Eek! Unfortunately for us, we probably got the dirtiest, oldest and weirdest yellow cab that must exist in the whole NYC. Like with old food everywhere and a bunch of cables instead of a radio, weird. Either way, happy as ever!

We stayed in the Cosmopolitan Tribeca Hotel - super central, very nice staff and with an awesome reception to take the first outfit picture of the day. Totally recommend it, even though the rooms are fairly small so be prepared to snuggle. Took a couple of photos, went for dinner around the corner at Greenwich Street and got used to the city - a girl needs to be fresh for her day 1 in NYC, right? But one never says no to a cocktail and some chicken wings...

Day 1 started with a bit of rain. Damn you, rain. We had our first street bagel and walked along to the Ground Zero right next to us - just to see a massive thing that is meant to become a shopping centre but looks more like Godzilla's tail for now. Quite interesting to see the Trinity Church that kind of acts like a cemetery in honour of the World Trade Center victims which is always something to remember. 

And after some culture comes some shopping, obvs. We had been told about a city outlet very close that had very good prices on brands - Century 21. Needless to say I'm allergic to outlets and didn't buy a thing although Carlota found some uber nice dresses (definitely Valentino, C, definitely!)... Given we spent about 2 hours at that place, some more culture was needed - Wall Street it is! Strolled along the New York Stock Exchange hoping to find a mega fit lawyer (you know, like Harvey Specter from Suits...) - only joking my little Beef pie! - but no luck, just a lot of security everywhere and, of course, a Tiffany's right around the corner - probably useful for a little stop by after the long hours at work with a very angry wife waiting at home.

Ended up having lunch at the busiest place in the area - an awesome Mexican that was totally worth it! 

Some more pictures, a walk through Chinatown and a stop by Urban Outfitters later and the night was coming!

[Outfit post coming]

[It would be surprising if they got both our names right...]

Decided to follow the hints of one of my fav bloggers - Rosie, from The Londoner - and went to Soho for a cheeky lobster. Ed's Raw Bar is the place to be: central, busy enough but you can have a table without waiting 3 hours (no, it doesn't happen in London, ever) and just... Local. No tourists, just a bunch of New Yorkers having a casual Wednesday night meal - my fave. 

We had the special - lobster roll - and a lobster crepe to share. I won't tell...

Some cocktails & some gossip and we were done for the first day! Oh, I cried a few times going back to the hotel every time we saw an amazing high-end street store in the middle of Soho. Think I had a breakdown at Acne's front door actually.

Tomorrow there's more...

One thoughts on “NYC Guide: Day 1 & A Bit Of Rain.

  1. Adoooooro as fotos! (que câmara usas, btw, estão fantásticas)
    NY é um sonho desde sempre, também sou aquela doida que diz que é o sítio mais perfeito mesmo sem nunca lá ter ido xD Mas um dia!!

    beijinho xx


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