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See ya later 2013

I wouldn't be a real blogger if I didn't do a goodbye 2013 post. I don't usually do a huge recap of the year that is gone. But I guess having a blog kind of changes that a bit. What's the point of registering everything you do if you don't go back to see how was it?! So let's see 2013's key milestones...

❤️ New house - moved in with my twin friend to the lovely cream palace
❤️ Andorra - skiing trip that almost killed us all
❤️ Beef meets the wider family - yes dangerous, I know. He did good though, came for Easter's big lunch and a couple of days to wander around Lisbon
❤️ Got an iPhone - yes, it changed my life
❤️ Park House Rugby Party survival - not only survived but also took my sister and friend that were visiting. Really putting myself out there I'd say...
❤️ 1 year putting up with my crazy Beef
❤️ Greece. No comments needed
❤️ New job - sadly left my first company and joined an even crazier one
❤️ Started a blog - well I guess you know that but this is obvs my favourite one. It feels like ages ago but this pink little space only started in September
❤️ Dad's 60th
❤️ Berlin
❤️ Saw Prince William for the first time - really far away and could barely distinguish his royal wave but it counts surely
❤️ Got a Michael Kors watch - HA.

Have a look at the visual version of the above and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! x

Portuguesey @ Prego da Peixaria

And before the year ends, I've decided to introduce another post type. This category is all about my lovely country & city. Of course I'm not impartial as I love Lisbon since forever but, from what I hear, literally everyone loves this city and wants go back all the time - hopefully I'm not too scary they're only saying this to please me. Given this, thought I would share some of my new (or old!) favourite places and must go when you come visit.

My new excitement starts with this mega recent restaurant that combines our favourites (burgers!) with fish contents. I know, it sounds weird at first. But you will absolutely love it when you try it.

The space

Super cool. It's that tiny-cozy kind of place, with that bit of Shoreditch edginess we're all in love with at the moment. There's a DJ playing some cool sets that you barely notice but totally set the mood for a saturday night dinner with the girls or a cute romantic one with the boyf.

The restaurant is not giant - situated in Principe Real, on top of Bairro Alto, it could never be big! - but I faced a queue of about 20 people when I got there that finished in 10 minutes, my always-late girlies hadn't even arrived yet! It's just the time to get a cocktail or a cold beer at the bar, no drama.

The people

This place is definitely in at the moment. And so you'll find all Lisbon social wandering around and checking in before heading to the Pink Street at Cais do SodrĂ© for drinks. So if you're looking for a trendy & mood setter type of place with youngish crowds, this is your place.

The food

The most important thing: the food. As I said before, the concept is quite cool, matching two things we don't normally eat together. The name itself says it all - for the portuguese ones. For the foreign ones, I'm going to try and explain without you thinking I'm mad like the Beef did. "Prego" is a thin beef steak we usually have inside two bits of bread, like a burger. The difference is just the meat! It's amazing and you can have it with loads of other ingredients - that's what they're doing here! All types of cheese, sauces, ham and so on. Their other speciality is, of course, the fish burgers. My favourite was the Salmon & Cuttlefish one, with a black ciabatta type of bread that makes you cry for more. 

You also have the Prawn Burger and the portuguese famous, Bacalhau Burger. All of this needs those amazing chips - some sweet, some thin & salty - to make it the perfect meal.

Not enough to make you jealous? Check out more about Prego da Peixaria here - their facebook page - friend them and just TRY IT.

What I'm wrapped up in #24

And being back, the first thing I need to do is an outfit post. Obvs. Since we're all going through our wardrobes in a madness to find something for New Years Eve, nothing better than a night out chic look to bring some inspiration. Even to myself - haven't picked what I'm wearing tomorrow either.

This was my outfit for a dinner out that was meant to end up in a fancy pub/club. Guess where I ended up with my velvet purple shorts (velvet, dear God!)...? The Rugby Club woohoo. Don't you hate wasting a good sexy outfit? I do. Badly.

Shirt: ASOS
Velvet Shorts: Primark
Socks: Topshop
Anckle Boots: Topshop
Rings: H&M

Apologies from a Pink Blogger

Hellooooooo everyone that still remembers me! I know, there's about 5 of you by now, if I'm lucky. I've been beyond rubbish and left my poor pink platform to die alone over Christmas without my love. I guess there are 100 of other bloggers in the world in the same situation, trying to come up with the best excuses. Well, I have one too. But mine is better, I'm sure. As you know, Christmas for me is in Lisbon with my crazy family & friends. That's not the excuse, wait for it. Of course every time I go there, like a good emigrant, I have to split myself in 5 to try and say hello to everyone I haven't seen for ages so I'm not an evil bitch that leaves the country and never looks back. I'm nooooot. This part is very common and dare I say, easy. What is not easy is having 2 little midgets and 1 sister wanting me all day every day, while the sun is out. And me wanting them back. So what happens is little Mariana up and ready by 11am to go shopping and wander around; and then little Mariana up and ready by 11pm to go out with the girls and drink some caipiroska buckets when the first ones go to sleep. Result: Little Mariana doesn't get to sleep and takes every 10 min on a sofa to try and keep up with the rest of the mortals. That's Portugal. That's the holidays I love. That's also what keeps me from blogging - SORRY FRIENDS.

That said, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas like mine, a great holiday and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

And I'm back. In London and in the Pink Blog.

<3 M

What I'm wrapped up in #23

And to go to bed in the fashion mood, here's the latest cas outfit to set the Christmas spirit with those leather trousers that remind us of Cara's Vogue cover. Yes, I admit it, I did wear them for a xmas dinner... I'm cheesy cool like that.

Jumper: ASOS
Leather Trousers: Zara
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo
Necklace: Topshop

FavSongOfTheDay #10 @ Xmas

Friendssss. I am alive! It doesn't seem like it since I haven't set foot here for ages, sorry. I've beaten my record today and left work at 10pm. Fun times! Going back home tomorrow though so totally worth it. Excitiiiing. And what's more exciting that a Christmas song to cheer everyone up? Nothing really.

This one has become my favourite and has been on repeat for 2 days since it was played nonstop in a cab home full of people, after the work Christmas party. Now that's fun times.

Stay Another Day
East 17

The perks of working at GLH

Ever since I moved jobs that I've been having style nightmares. Why? Because it happens that with all the million places to work in London, I had to go to the exact same building as ASOS.

This means that even if you think you're looking mega edgy and well-dressed that morning, as soon as you get off the tube there are about 57 other girls that have put wayy more effort into it. And therefore look wayy better. And I mean the whole picture: clothes, shoes (open ones in freaking December!) and make up, lots of make up. Depressing, I know.

So that's the bad side. The good one is that you get to know about random ASOS Sales at the distance of a lift. Yes, I did say Sales. Yes, you did jump. I did too when I heard about it.

After getting in a room full of awesome clothes, checking around, noticing the lack of price tags and realising it was clearly not the right one, we eventually found the place. It was a crazily themed Fair. Of course, a Vintage one.

There were little Vintage booths everywhere, with crazy Vintage girls on them, selling all sorts of things: clothes, shoes, bags (bags!!!), books, cupcakes...

I must admit I'm not the most Vintage person in the world. Like one piece or another to mix it up but don't go too crazy. I guess I must also admit I'm not a fan of second hand clothes, who knows where that has been...?! But some of the clothes and shoes looked quite cool!

That said, I was a good girl and only got a hand bag. One of those must-have giant black ones with gold details - I'm sure I'll be posing around with it very soon.

Because there's no Vintage Fair without some craziness old school type of thing, there was some very funky music being played by some very funky people!

Thanks ASOS, do some more, anytime. 

What I'm wrapped up in #22

Morning sunshine! Not so sunshine actually, I'm stuck in the train, again, and will be late, again. Oh mornings in London...

To cheer myself (and hopefully you!) up, here's the latest outfit from last night. I'm in love with my little cats shirt I got last week on my fav website - ASOS obvs. Weather wise, London is actually being quite kind this year since it hasn't snowed yet and it's not -5 degrees that make you grow stalactites on your chin. Yet, give it some time!

Hat: H&M 
Coat: ASOS
Shirt: ASOS
Black Jeans: Zara
Bag: Hermes
Wedgy Trainers: Aldo

Taps&Burgs #1

There is one thing I do love that I haven't talked about here yet. Actually there are probably loads but I can only remember this one right now. And that is... Food. No, not food in general, don't go crazy thinking this is turning into Master Chef. I'm only going to start posting about THE best kind of good in the world of foods - Tapas & Burgers - my fav.

I know, I know you're saying to yourself you little fatty! I am, a proper one. And I love it. I thought I wasn't too bad, just had a few burgers now and then. Until I realised my FavRestaurants or MustGo lists are literally just Tapas and Burger places. (Or until the Beef started screaming at my ears you fatty! every time I beg to go Byron...) So thought I'd share and hopefully get some sympathy from more Anonymous out there.

Starting with tonight's dinner, I have to recommend Pix Pintxos for some ready made Tapas and a catch up with the girls. It's cozy, warm and familiar, with the loudness of a Spanish taberna. Perfect for a week night after work.

This one is in Soho but they have 3 more places around. I do enjoy Soho on a week day though, it's so Londoner isn't it?! New Tapas are always coming, lots of different types and you just want them all.

The funniest thing is that you just help yourself with as many as you want and collect the little sticks in a glass! Not really sure how they control that as we can definitely lose our minds and throw half of the sticks on the floor very sneakily... Tempting but no, not this time.

Biggest problem? Because you don't have a menu to pick the Tapas from and you don't have to wait for them to come either, the glass is suddenly so full it looks like we're about to play Mikado. Worth it though, especially after this churro in a chocolate shot - 

Yum! Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a cocktail and a quick bite to eat on a busy week night. Dangerous though, the bill can get quite expensive if you're really hungry and believe for a moment you're in a kids party or a buffet-Chinese!

Loved to see my forever-flatmate Jo xx

FavSongOfTheDay #9

Everyone is going on about Lily Allen's come back, with the cover from Keane. I LOVE Keane, can't believe I never got to see them live. Either way, I do like her version, especially as it's on this mega cute Christmas advert from John Lewis! Oh I do love Christmas.

Somewhere Only We Know
By Lily Allen (original from Keane)

Always good to remember the original version, from this amazing band.

What I'm wrapped up in #21

Hello Sunday friends. Whoever is suffering from tomorrow-is-monday-depression put your hands in the air. Yes, I know, let's not talk about it. Nevertheless, here's my comfy outfit from yesterday's daytime, when we went to pick up Trevor, the tree. Missed my hat, haven't worn it for a while which made me decide I need a new one. Wish list item number one, anyone? Fineee, I'll put a list up to make the choice easier.

Hat: H&M
Jumper: Pull&Bear
Black Jeans: Zara
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Trainers: Converse @ Office

It's Christmas in the cream palace!

It's hereeee. Christmas has finally arrived, yoohoo. So freaking exciting! And for the 3rd time I am putting a little tree up in London, before running back to my crazy family Christmas in Lisbon. 

Twin and I were postponing it for a while (well, only a week but it seemed like ages) as we weren't quite sure where to get our tree from. Every year's question: do we want a real or fake one?! To be honest I'm so used to have a fake one at home and to all the excitement of going to get the tree and the decorations from the garage or somewhere hidden that you can't touch all year round that I would never really look for a real tree. And also because you know I'm not the most plants/nature person in the world and leave everything to die as I forget to water it, obvs. But, and because the Northcote Road has literally EVERYTHING all families need, there were real trees to sell in every corner.

That said, we went out on a mission... Until about 100 metres away, to the very first corner. Lazy like that. Actually I lie, we did go a bit further down but in a different mission that involved Topshop and MAC's make up. Promise I didn't get anything. Promise.

After a cozy hot chocolate, we got to the place and there were three very manly men messing around with the trees. We stood there, looking and pointing to the little one leading the group. One of the very manly men saw the lack of tree knowledge on our faces and said "this one needs a home!"... "OK, we'll take him!"

"Well that was nice and easy!". That's right manly man, we're up to no waste of time here. 3 minutes later, there's twin with Trevor-the-tree.

Right, let's undo this baby's wrapping. And make him pretty enough to be allowed a place in the cream palace.

The cutest decorations that are making our living room smell delicious!

And we're doooone. Quick and easy, as they say. That's how we roll.

How cute does Trevor look in our little fire place?! Looovely. All I want for Christmas is you, Trevor.

We <3 Cara

This girl never stops. She just doesn't. I'm not an expert on the modelling industry and don't really know how it all works but surely these girls have some kind of contract with the agencies or the brands they model for, no? Well, not Cara Delevingne. She is EVERYWHERE. I must admit I wasn't always a fan. The first time I started following her on Instagram I did think she was a bit too needy for attention. Like Pfft look at this girl, just trying to stand out by pretending she doesn't give a sh*t and can make ugly faces in photos... 

I even deleted her from my friends (outrageous, I know) as really didn't find her funny. I don't know what changed or when, but now I literally LOVE her. Think I realised she actually does not give a sh*t and couldn't care less of what they say about her poses, her tattoos (or 'tatts' as she says!), her (never too) skinny body and so on. Seriously, look at her!
Of course she is (again!) January Vogue's Cover Girl. And she's rocking those red leather trousers so much I want to go home and change into my ones from Zara. My latest breakdown was when I saw her in this year's Victoria Secret Fashion Show, fab as ever - 

Dear Cara, don't go toooo Rihanna-Miley crazy please. We love you like this, with hair, covered boobs and all that.
La Perla lingerie campaign

What I'm wrapped up in #19

Morniiiiing! I've been a rubbish blogger lately but you know what? I do have a reason! Well, it happens that living in London is not as easy as some bloggers make it sound. Why? Because if you are a working blogger and not one that is lucky enough to blog for a living (I will get there, I will), you get in work around 9am and leave after 6pm. Result: you barely see daylight. Unless you want me to try and set the timer on a street bench at 8 in the morning and take an outfit picture with two very sleepy eyes, which I suspect it would send my blog views to -33. So! I'm happy to say that I'm looking to invest in a proper camera that will (hopefully!) make me a proper blogger but until then... Excuse my poor quality photos. It doesn't help that the ones that surround me are either very bad photographers or just very drunk friends!

My outfit of a blurry Saturday night x
Top: Topshop
Leather Trousers: H&M 
Fur Coat: ASOS
Bag: Reiss

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