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What I'm wrapped up in #19

Morniiiiing! I've been a rubbish blogger lately but you know what? I do have a reason! Well, it happens that living in London is not as easy as some bloggers make it sound. Why? Because if you are a working blogger and not one that is lucky enough to blog for a living (I will get there, I will), you get in work around 9am and leave after 6pm. Result: you barely see daylight. Unless you want me to try and set the timer on a street bench at 8 in the morning and take an outfit picture with two very sleepy eyes, which I suspect it would send my blog views to -33. So! I'm happy to say that I'm looking to invest in a proper camera that will (hopefully!) make me a proper blogger but until then... Excuse my poor quality photos. It doesn't help that the ones that surround me are either very bad photographers or just very drunk friends!

My outfit of a blurry Saturday night x
Top: Topshop
Leather Trousers: H&M 
Fur Coat: ASOS
Bag: Reiss

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