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FavSongOfTheDay #25

I'm a naughty, naughty wanna-be blogger that has made herself too busy for her own good. And now I'm talking about myself on the 3rd person which gives you an idea of how mad I am these days. It's all coming I promise but until then, thought I should leave you with the song I'm listening to on loop since Saturday and moving my arms like a crazy person at work. Absolutely love this video!

Shake It Off
By Taylor Swift

Even better than this one is that one down there I discovered last week - late, I know!

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M&S AW14 Collection

Well, hello there! This is not my usual type of post but I received this new advert campaign on my blog inbox and absolutely loved it. Since we're on Fashion Week mode, why not..? I like the fact that M&S invest quite a lot of effort on their commercial campaigns (like the Christmas one last year!) and even though they're not my go-to shop in fashion terms, I must say I have my eyes on that light grey cape/woollen scarf for when Autumn arrives... Have a look x

Morning nervous breakdown

People can't even read a newspaper these days on London Underground. Unless they're acrobats there's no way they will manage to hold that massive piece of paper without using someone else's head as a book rest. And if they do, there's absolutely no way they are going to be able to turn the page once they've finish - so here you go, take your time as you'll be looking at the same article for a good 12 minute journey.

I'm obviously writing this on a bad day. You can imagine. I got the exact same train as I did the rest of the week and, this time, I got to Victoria just to be surprised with an agglomerate of people forming what they call a queue. Why? Because the doors to the tube were closed. So explain the phenomenon: is Thursday that particular day when everyone works in London? No one likes the rest of the week? Do companies give candies on Thursdays? No. I don't think so. 

So what? Well something must have failed. Someone jumped in front of a train, a cable got broken, a train decided not to work, the driver had a big night last night... Or maybe we had more than the usual special ones that massage their Oyster cards against the thing for 3 minutes instead of the normal tap in, tap out, who knows. We'll never know. 

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O ataque aos blogs

Sendo que é Segunda-feira e não me apetece mexer um dedinho que seja, dediquei-me a procurar uns blogues portugueses para desanuviar e mudar de registo. Qual não é o meu espanto quando, duas horas depois, continuo colada ao ecrã a ler comentários longos e gloriosos de seguidores amorosos que se dedicam ao desaforo gratuito e ao criticismo sem fim. Principalmente nos blogs d'A Pipoca Mais Doce e d'O Arrumadinho - dois bloggers casados, famosos e com pilhas de graça. Não sei se são mais atacados por serem de facto Marido e Mulher ou se por tocarem em pontos mais propícios a discussão que outros. Não me venham dizer que só são atacados porque têm uma visibilidade maior porque há milhentos blogues internacionais mais famosos e com mais seguidores que não têm uma lista de 78 comentários - todos negativos, pessimistas, maldosos e que só dão vontade de rir. Vá, estou a ser má, dos 78 há 8 que não enxuvalham os autores, autores estes que segundo os seus leitores são arrogantes, convencidos, que sabem tudo sobre tudo, que têm uma sorte louca porque têm um blog que os sustenta enquanto eu, pobre coitado leitor, ando aqui a contar tostões.

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20K ❤️

Ok. 20,000 Views is pretty awesome.

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