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My Algarve Diary

Yoooo! How is everyone doing? Getting the summer blues? So here's a colourful holiday post to cheer you up.

Thought I'd start with my Algarve diary, where I spent a week with my crazy and lovely family. We always pick a week to go to Vilamoura - typically named 'Lisbon in a bikini' - where we rent the same house every year and enjoy the suuuun. From Saturday to Saturday, we stay all together with amazing breakfasts and barbecues, alongside the growing kids waking (me!) up at 8am every day! And that is all this is about...

There are pretty much two big things about Vilamoura - the huge Marina & the Falésia beach. Can you tell that's what we spent most of our time doing?

bikini Bohemian Swimwear

dress Urban Outfitters | sunnies Thierry Lasry

swimming suit Cantê | hat H&M

[see the full outfit post here]

[she's got it all!]

Also, make sure you pick a house with a pool - it's a must!

Then, convince all your family to pose for family portraits with you!

[see the full outfit post here]

[DO NOT miss out on Berlim Balls - Algarve's beach is THE place to have them!]

To go out at night, you have loads of trendy options! The down side is you'll pretty much need a car to get to any of them which is a bit annoying. Luckily, because the whole world drives to south in the same couple of weeks, I had some of my friends there at the same time!

@ Agua Moments

@ Bliss Vilamoura

Let's list them: you have Bliss, with two dance floors and lots of space outside - a bit full of kids this year but still a nice summer club for a long night out if you have a car (it's almost in the end of Vilamoura!); you have Urban Beach that opened last year in the south - pop music and good to socialise (and no walking, it's right by the marina!); Agua Moments, that I discovered this year only through my sis & friends - really cool outside space also by the marina, with an older attendance which is a bit refreshing sometimes; Seven, the Tivoli Marina Hotel's club - you can guess where it is. I have a mix of feelings about this one, I don't like the space (it's inside the hotel with a bit outside but all just a bit confusing!) but there are sort of theme nights that sometimes are pretty good.

See, lots of options - perfect for a Beef holiday! 

If you do have a car, then let me know and I'll suggest a whole lot of options outside of Vilamoura that include more clubs, amazing restaurants and great views! I'll leave some of them below with more pictures so you can't resist:

Restaurante Zé do Peixe Assado

Cacela Velha

[see the full outfit post here]

[one of my fav seafood restaurants]

[the cutest little family]

I've shown you my good times. What about yours? What's you fave family holiday place? Tell me all about it!

M ❤️

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