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Who am I?! Well, I'm a Portuguese girl who's lost her mind 4 years ago and moved to London out of the blue. Slightly obsessed with fashion, trends and general New-in. Oh, and pink. Working in the Marketing & Comms industry, I felt the need to start blogging about what I wear, what I eat and what I like about the madness of this city, secretly hoping for people back home to love it so much they want to move here too. I'm a confessed shopaholic and quite a silly character, some would say. I hope you can find yourself in little bits of each post, from the high street fashion to the everyday travels. Follow my stories and let me know what you think! 

Mariana x

It would be great to know who's reading me! Get in touch with suggestions, ideas, new posts you'd like to see, new outfits-trends-brands, questions or just to say hi -

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2 thoughts on “Me, Me, Me

  1. You really do have a stunning blog, loving the photos and your personality portrayed in each photograph. Keep up the awesomeness and continue having so much fun.

  2. Thanks thanks thanks Amina :) it means a lot! Follow my facebook & bloglovin pages for updates! And please do share your blog so I can have a look x


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