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At the end of another rush weekend back home, where you try to fit 345 activities in two and a half days and still get surprised you don't quite manage to do them all, thought I'd do a list of a few basics we should all know if we fly a lot.


The Portuguese person will open the sandwich package on top, slide the sandwich up like a lipstick and eat it without getting their hands dirty; the English person will rip the package open in the middle, take it off altogether and eat their sandwich spreading crumbs across their seat and everyone else's. Then, the Portuguese person with clean hands will open the napkin package, take it off and wipe their already clean mouth and hands; the English person will most likely not even notice there is a napkin there unless they somehow need sugar for their tea - very unlikely. If they do, they'll take the sugar off and leave the napkin inside, untouched.

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You won't know this because I haven't said it here yet but I've changed jobs about 3 months ago. Oh well, my Mum and the two other people that actually follow me here probably had already noticed, given I've been AWOL since August. Yep, that's right - new job, new (lack of) life. It's only the second time I've moved jobs since I started working for real but there's clearly a pattern in the first few weeks. Let's see:

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Every year is the same. Every year we try to pretend it's nothing and then we just get one of those weeks that makes it impossible to hide our bad mood and disappointment. Every year we get fooled by those couple of bearable days in May that make us think we're actually normal, just like the rest of the world. But we're not. We'll always be miserable, annoyed and, of course, drunk - so we don't notice. Oh, I'm talking about the weather in London, obviously. I mean, people in Lisbon stopped wearing tights and coats a month ago. I just bought a freaking umbrella - Kill. Me. Now. Today is one of those days. Wait, did I just see someone wearing mini UGG boots on the tube?! Ok, please let me go back to bed.

(angry) M ❤️

FavSongOfTheDay #29

Happy Monday... for the ones that had a good night sleep and didn't get back from Edinburgh at 2am! What-a-mood. What this means is that my headphones are not coming off my head all day so if you work with me and are reading this - keep your distance. On another (and softer) note, this is what is getting me through this morning. PERF.

By Vance Joy


Hello little pies! As you probably noticed, the fun is over and we're back to annoyingly-cold London - but not without a smile on our faces. Two whole weeks in Thailand were just the perfect amount of time to completely relax and forget I have a house, a job and actually, a blog. Well, I think one would understand that it's not a real life trade-off when you're presented with the choices of 'spend your day on the beach with no WiFi' and 'stick around your hotel and blog a bit'. Besides, a lot of you are probably already bored of my never ending instagram pictures of sunshine & bikinis in the last few weeks anyway... I must warn you they are here to stay and they are going to continue to illuminate my days until I have no more to look at - apologies in advance to the more sensitive ones.

Introductions aside, thought I'd leave you with some of my favourite photos of the overall trip in a little Flipagram video. Then I'll do a couple of photo-heavy posts on each island just so you get really realllly jealous - as you should.


M ❤️

FavSongOfTheDay #26 AND MY TAKE ON 50 SHADES

Well well well. I really don't think this one needs introductions as it's just another masterpiece from lovely Ellie that has been rocking it lately. It's been on loop since last week, especially after Saturday when I made the Beef go and watch 50 Shades of Grey in the cinema for Valentine's. Yesss, I did that. And yesss, I loved it.

Love Me Like You Do
By Ellie Goulding

Thought I'd use this opportunity to give my take on the subject of the moment, mainly because it's pretty much the opposite of everything you've been reading out there.

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