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What I'm Wrapped Up In
Whaaaa Friday. What a freaking long week. Let's keep it simple, shall we?

That's what this outfit is all about. It was taken last week in Prague, where I went for 3 days with work (*living life*). I just realised I haven't actually touched the turtleneck subject here yet - there's a lot to it. Strangely, I think the turtleneck vibe only comes to me every other year. Last year I could not even see turtleneck jumpers. This year I'm all over them. Probably means next year they'll go back to the chest. What can I say, guess I'm hard work - but who cares?!

M ❤️

turtleneck jumper Zara | JAMIE jeans Topshop | long blazer Zara | boots Catarina Martins (old collection)

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