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Morning nervous breakdown

People can't even read a newspaper these days on London Underground. Unless they're acrobats there's no way they will manage to hold that massive piece of paper without using someone else's head as a book rest. And if they do, there's absolutely no way they are going to be able to turn the page once they've finish - so here you go, take your time as you'll be looking at the same article for a good 12 minute journey.

I'm obviously writing this on a bad day. You can imagine. I got the exact same train as I did the rest of the week and, this time, I got to Victoria just to be surprised with an agglomerate of people forming what they call a queue. Why? Because the doors to the tube were closed. So explain the phenomenon: is Thursday that particular day when everyone works in London? No one likes the rest of the week? Do companies give candies on Thursdays? No. I don't think so. 

So what? Well something must have failed. Someone jumped in front of a train, a cable got broken, a train decided not to work, the driver had a big night last night... Or maybe we had more than the usual special ones that massage their Oyster cards against the thing for 3 minutes instead of the normal tap in, tap out, who knows. We'll never know. 

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