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Everyone - thank the Lord, there is still one woman with sense out there.

I've spent the whooole week - me and the rest of the world's population - hearing about this protein shake brand and their advert featuring a girl in a bikini with the phrase "are you beach body ready?". After losing all my hopes and thinking this feminist fever had finally crossed its own limits, I found a post on the subject from my favourite portuguese blogger A Pipoca Mais Doce and voilá - if you're English, soz, maybe next time; if you're portuguese, read it as she writes much better than me.

So let's translate the issue: a protein shakes' company, that sells products to (guess what) lose weight, uses a skinny model (what?!) and appeals to the summer/beach (what?!) for motivation? I mean, how dare they? Something never ever done before in the History, shame on them. Actually, I don't think I ever heard anyone (woman or MAN) saying they need to start a diet or go back to running because the summer is almost here. Actually, I don't say that every day, like, at ALL. Erm.... Really, people? Isn't this just going a bit far? Are we really going to lose all our credibility as women by literally shouting hysterically at every single advert/news feed/silly comment that remotely addresses the female human body in any way?! Give me a break. Not only this is a tremendous exaggeration but it's also ridiculously hypocritical. Can we please talk about the fact that this campaign was out in London, where the majority of women are actually obsessed about their appearance? Let's see:

>> I've lived in Lisbon my whole life and never had a salad; in London, 90% of the girls in my office have salad or soup for lunch. If you don't, you almost have to come up with an excuse as to why you're devouring that massive burger (if you're not hungover).
>> The majority of the easy food/take-away shops has the calories of every item explicitly shown on the shelves, screaming at your face. Think Itsu, Prêt-a-manger, Eat and all sorts of lunchie ones. They practically slap your hand when you're picking that cheese and mayo baguette.
>> Pretty much all of the above have gluten free, fat free, dairy free options available - which is amazing for allergic people but that every woman loves and consumes - let's be honest, it's quite trendy.
>> I've never had a friend back home that had ever tried a detox juice, pill, programme, tea or any of the sort. In London, I don't have a friend who hasn't.
>> In Portugal, whoever has time or is committed goes to the gym. In London, people MUST go to the gym. Or run. Or join an exercise group at the park. Or you're a loser.
>> The NutriBullet was probably the item with highest sales of John Lewis between 2014-2015. It's been sold out for months and it comes back sporadically in lots of 10 that go as quickly as a 5M prize lottery ticket. I know because I have one, obviously.
>> To finalise, can we talk about the amount of money women here spend in expensive make up since they are about 14? MAC, Bobby Brown, MARS, Bare Minerals. There's not a single working woman who does not own a single product of one of these brands. Don't even try to dispute.

Guys, all of this is GREAT. It's meant to be a good think, not a bad thing. Eating healthily, doing exercise, feeling good with ourselves - these are all good things that will contribute for a long life without physical or psychological issues! Why are you wasting your energy in arguing about something we all care about and always will? No one in that campaign is telling you not to go to the beach because you're fat or have cellulite! They're making an allusion to a concept that is older than my grandmother and that we all talk about in our day to day. Now because it's in a poster, it's a big deal? What's next, we're all going to Zara's, Topshop's and H&M's doors saying they are not allowed to produce size 6 or 8? Who cares!!!!! The real woman doesn't have to be size 14 or size 6. If you're comfortable with your body and want to get in a bikini on the beach (I know I do!), then what's stopping you? Wear one! Or just the bottoms. Or go naked for all I care! 

I just don't get it. To be honest I only noticed the poster because it's freaking bright yellow! Once I read it was about a powder to make me skinnier I just looked away to another one. That's advertising - one size does not fit all. And I DO want to be skinnier, a looot skinnier actually, ideally like a VS model if I can (anyone taking wishes?). Just not drinking powder thank you very much, I'll stick to my attempt to eat healthier when I can be bothered (... and can resist those cheesy Big Macs).

M ❤️

P.S. I bet Protein World was not on top of Google's search last week for 'pro'. See what you've done there?

P.S.2. This photo was out in October 2014. Was it not trendy to be feminist back then?

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