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I've been quiet friends. At least virtually speaking. But this Thailand one is biiiig.

Koh Phangan was the biggest surprise. From all the stories about how crazy the Full Moon Party was going to be and that there was a chance I would either die, get drugged, get lost or go to the hospital, I was prepared for the hell on Earth. But it was nothing of the sort. I'll let the photos talk for me cause, let's be honest, it's Friday and no one wants me babbling on here. I am although going to summarise Koh Phangan in my usual fancy facts though, in case you're thinking about removing this stop from your Thailand itinerary like I was...

All You Need To Know About Koh Phangan

- Salad Beach is one of the prettiest and most quiet beaches I've been at - totally worth staying in one of the dreamy beach hotels (ours was Salad Beach Resort - great outside area, OK bedrooms, literally ON the beach);
- The Full Moon Party will not kill you. You will also be able to preserve all your clothes and shoes if you want. Get in the spirit and enjoy it like beach party!;
- The deathly buckets... are not that deathly. Well, I was careful with the ice and had warm drinks all night because I'm a freak but fact is I survived and was not dying after a couple of hours (cough*Stuart*cough);
- Definitely get motorbikes. On the very first day - they will get you everywhere and you will not need to pay for expensive cabs all the time. Ask for a map and some directions and explore different beaches around the island;
- Try to avoid the open mini vans. I mean, seriously, I almost fell over on the road for being distracted and holding a bucket. It got me the biggest bruise I ever had. THIS is proper deathly.

[secret beach]

[a couple of gasoline bottles to buy on the road, as you do]

[oooh the buckets]

[try and focus on the accessories rather than the faces]

[yep, they have pink helmets *sigh*]

[secret beach, the best sunset]

[did I mention dinners on the beach with candles?]

[in case you're feeling brave...]

[old school stuff]

[a bit of jenga]

See ya in Koh Tao - proper paradise!

M ❤️


  1. Sometimes photos can describe a travel experience more than 1,000 words, so this was a great post. I've submitted it to reddit. Love the sunsets.


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