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What I'm wrapped up in #37

Hi there! Today's post is quite cool and special, mainly because I love this outfit and was too desperate to take these pictures - the Beef would agree. You probably remember seeing this Jersey top here a while ago. I bought it for Halloween when I was dressing up as Tim Riggins - have you seen my new # about series' addiction? Check here, Friday Night Lights will surely be there at some point. These Jerseys are quite trendy at the moment but (weirdly) I had never worn it since and that had to change. Pulled a massive strop to get these photos taken - can someone tell the Rugby people that important games should not be on on a Saturday afternoon?! Had to wait for half time and was having a meltdown watching the sunlight disappear. Either way, here they are, quite posey as I clearly need to up my game on this - and start practicing for when I get my awesome new camera that will make me look like a celebbbb. 

Denim Jacket: Zara | Jersey Top:  Project Social @ Topshop | Black Jeans: Zara | Wedgy Trainers: Aldo | Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry | Scarf: H&M

FavSongOfTheDay #12 - A big one

Happy Friday everyone. Happy working day for some, happy holidays' day for others, happy hangover day for most - including me. The only thing that is getting me through this day is, in fact what I'm about to show you. I lie, food helps too - that mac'n'cheese at lunch made miracles for my stomach. Anyyyway. Today's Song of The Day is... not a song. Better than that, it's a Channel. Stop everything you're doing and get on YouTube, NOW. The Sound You Need is absolutely brilliant. It has some of the best combos ever and it serves all moods. I leave here my favourites at the moment -

Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau

Another Love (Zwelle Edit),
Tom Odell

No Angels (TLC vs. The XX),
Bastille ft. Ella

Just type The Sound You Need on YouTube and enjoyyy x

What I'm wrapped up in #36

Afternoon, little pies! Just a quick outfit by the morning to cheer us all up (ok, maybe just me). I do feel sorry for the Beef sometimes when I'm going through my photos and realise the amount of times I demand he goes outside, in the middle of the evening, after dinner when he's ready to chill - just to take my outfit picture. And maybe not just one, let's say 10 in case I don't like any. Well, I don't have a famous and cute photographer following me around to make my picture so he'll have to suck it up, soz. This is a casual yet trendy outfit with one of my fav combos at the moment - a long tshirt on top of a volumous skirt. Like it?

Blaser: Zara | Top: Topshop | Skirt: ASOS | Pumps: Topshop

Stuck on TV #1

Right. I don't know how I managed to stay quiet about this for almost 6 months. TV Series are my most truthful addiction - ask anyone you want! I do watch all sorts of TV rubbish, it's a fact, but they are all TV Series - you won't catch me watching those weird & boring shows always about cooking, ugly people or just generally uninteresting sh*t. That said, here's another subject for me to talk about - yes because, as you can imagine, no one at home allows me to watch my rubbish in peace, let alone watch & talk about it. I've realised I've got two types of moods when it comes to series - I either get addicted to the violent and manly ones, luckily for the Beef; or I choose the most girlie ones out there (and I mean proper girlie, like Pretty Little Liars and stuff). 

This week, the chosen one is in the first category: House of Cards. Just-amazing. It features Kevin Spacey as a Congressman that wants to move up in the political world - and obviously does everything to achieve it. It has its darkness but, more importantly, it has its awesomeness - and I mean the Series and the character, he's that type of guy even woman want to be like, just a massive Boss (Portuguese inside joke!).

Watch if you liked:
- Suits
- House of Lies
- Shark

What I'm wrapped up in #35

Still in Edinburgh - super late I know! It feels like ages ago since I've been away but luckily there are some busy weekends coming that I will post about soon. This was a comfy outfit to travel back to London with my fav statement jumper - keep goiiiing baby. Happy Sunday everyone x

Fur Coat: ASOS | Jumper: ASOS | Skirt: Pull&Bear | Boots: Catarina Martins | Handbag: Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry | Necklace: Vintage @ Portobello Market

The Best of NYFW14

And another Fashion Week has come to an end. How sad. I bet it was amazing as usual, or better - it would only be the best one if I was in fact, there! But let's not cry about it, one day - when I'm a famous blogger (or maybe when I'm a famous marketeer which is much more likely) - I'll be in the front row nodding at it like a proper connaisseur. Yep, dream on. 

And because I wasn't there just yet, here is a collection of my NYFW favs, taken from Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire and the Instagram pages of our beloved bloggers.

Harper's Bazaar

Band of Outsiders @ Marie Claire

Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

Chanel's perfume-bottle-bag @ Marie Claire

Alexandra Pereira from Lovely Pepa

Famous bloggers all over the world

Band of Outsiders @ Marie Claire

Blake Lively wearing Michael Kors

Chiara Ferragni wearing DvF & Chanel

Michael Kors's collection, fabulous as usual

Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat

Rebecca Taylor @ Marie Claire

Sass & Bide's volumous collection

Michael Kors' collection

Chiara Ferragni wearing Roberto Cavalli, Chanel & Prada

Zina Charkoplia from Fashion Vibe

Diane Von Furstenberg's Golden Girls @ Marie Claire

Olivia Palermo

Danielle Bernstein

Camille Charrière & Danielle Bernstein's camel oversized coats

Tommy Hilfiger's warm collection 

Chiara Ferragni wearing Yves Saint Lauren

Man Repeller

Alexandra Pereira

Danielle Bernstein wearing Yves Saint Lauren

Diesel Black Gold's metallic collection 

Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies

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