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What I'm wrapped up in #36

Afternoon, little pies! Just a quick outfit by the morning to cheer us all up (ok, maybe just me). I do feel sorry for the Beef sometimes when I'm going through my photos and realise the amount of times I demand he goes outside, in the middle of the evening, after dinner when he's ready to chill - just to take my outfit picture. And maybe not just one, let's say 10 in case I don't like any. Well, I don't have a famous and cute photographer following me around to make my picture so he'll have to suck it up, soz. This is a casual yet trendy outfit with one of my fav combos at the moment - a long tshirt on top of a volumous skirt. Like it?

Blaser: Zara | Top: Topshop | Skirt: ASOS | Pumps: Topshop

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