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Stuck on TV #1

Right. I don't know how I managed to stay quiet about this for almost 6 months. TV Series are my most truthful addiction - ask anyone you want! I do watch all sorts of TV rubbish, it's a fact, but they are all TV Series - you won't catch me watching those weird & boring shows always about cooking, ugly people or just generally uninteresting sh*t. That said, here's another subject for me to talk about - yes because, as you can imagine, no one at home allows me to watch my rubbish in peace, let alone watch & talk about it. I've realised I've got two types of moods when it comes to series - I either get addicted to the violent and manly ones, luckily for the Beef; or I choose the most girlie ones out there (and I mean proper girlie, like Pretty Little Liars and stuff). 

This week, the chosen one is in the first category: House of Cards. Just-amazing. It features Kevin Spacey as a Congressman that wants to move up in the political world - and obviously does everything to achieve it. It has its darkness but, more importantly, it has its awesomeness - and I mean the Series and the character, he's that type of guy even woman want to be like, just a massive Boss (Portuguese inside joke!).

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- Suits
- House of Lies
- Shark

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