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NYC Guide: Day 5 & One Hell Of A Game

After a (fairly) chilled hangover day, we had a long one ahead. Not that my feet didn't hurt with all that walking, but we went strong and kept going. Headed to the Brooklyn Bridge for a morning of sunshine!

The bridge is awesome, the view is amazing and totally recommend the walk - or just get a bike as I probably will next time! Oh, and take heart pictures, will ya?!

Once on the other side, Manhattan looking at us with a disapproving look (or just Blair Waldorf, maybe), we went to meet C's cousin who kindly prepared us a delicious breakfast!

We didn't have time to stop by Williamsburgh and the markets - but I'm sure it will be on my list for next time. Back to the (scary!) subway, we went back to South Manhattan to be a tourist one last time - by getting the ferry to the Statue of Liberty!

Right. Time to cross the city and check out the tough North - all the way up to Harlem

Walked around Columbia University that had the most amazing campus! That right there would probably be the only thing that would make me want to study again - only that.

Shirt: H&M | Overalls: Topshop | Trainers: Converse | Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry | Bow Bracelet: Kate Spade NY | Watch: Swatch

Went down for a stroll along Harlem - which is just like the films and video clips! I just really wanted to see a basketball field with shirtless hot guys sweating around, HA - check!

And then it was time. LET'S GO YANKEES, LET'S GO! Game on.

The outside of the stadium was already full when we got there, with Mets and Yankees t-shirts all over the place. We decided Yankees were cooler (and had a better uniform!) so we had to support them. 

The stadium is freaking incredible. The sun was out, the atmosphere was amazing, the players were, like, HOT.

Beers, fried chicken and cheesy chips - honestly, can you really ask for more?! Oh alright then, we'll give you some coordinated YMCA dance to make you happy.

New York City, you were amazing. You shall wait for me next year, the year after and any other times I manage to find an excuse to spend £2200 - just in case you were wondering on what kind of budget you can survive and be happy with for a week. And I mean, happy...

[Fifth Avenue] 

3 thoughts on “NYC Guide: Day 5 & One Hell Of A Game

  1. Obrigada Sonia! Veja os posts dos dias anteriores tambem :)

  2. NYC <3 quero tantoooo! Faço questão de comer nas escadas do Met em honra à Blair quando um dia tiver a sorte de lá ir!

    Adorei os posts todos!!! beijoca


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