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Happy Monday everyone! My homies beanie is back, this time with an unexpected match...

I must say I sort of forgot this outfit. It was floating around here for a while and then it kind of vanished from my sight. It's a weird combination for me to be honest, starting on the black maxi skirt that rarely leaves the closet and ending on the beanie-heels match. Guess I'm in that mood of trying strange choices and put them together for no real reason hoping it works. And - it's one of those sweetheart beanies of all times so, in my head, it just goes with everything (literally!).

I also like to think that who doesn't actually know me would think I'm not a midget and have a real person's height from these photos. A girl can dream, right?

M ❤️

jumper Topshop | maxi skirt Primark | beanie Camden Market | heels Eureka Shoes (last season) | gold necklace Swarovski 

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