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You won't know this because I haven't said it here yet but I've changed jobs about 3 months ago. Oh well, my Mum and the two other people that actually follow me here probably had already noticed, given I've been AWOL since August. Yep, that's right - new job, new (lack of) life. It's only the second time I've moved jobs since I started working for real but there's clearly a pattern in the first few weeks. Let's see:

- week 1: you're a loser with no friends; you have nothing to do but pretend you're enjoying every second of a day looking at that one all-staff email you have in your inbox; you have to look busy, no matter what; you hate documentation because you don't understand half of it; you're told to shadow your new team but they're bluntly ignoring you because they're avoiding a 'shadow' really and, unlike you, they're actually busy. You pray for ONE meeting to come up in your diary so that day goes by a tiny bit quicker than the rest of the week, no matter how boring it is.

- week 2: you repeat week one with even less enthusiasm but you've made one friend so you think you've accomplished something and give yourself a pat on the back. You thank God and all the saints up there for the TWO meetings  you have now in your calendar, one of them a recurring weekly one - major success.

- week 4: you pretty much enjoy your day to day now given your term of comparison are the last 3 weeks of boredom; you go out for a pub lunch on a Friday so you're in. You've got at least ONE meeting a DAY plus that recurring one you start not enjoying anymore because it's just too repetitive.

 - week 10: you can't even remember the last time you left at 6pm, let alone on time; you have friends but you don't really hang out with them since you barely have time to have lunch; and now you have gym friends, you don't have  time to go to the gym and to be fair, summer is gone so no motivation either. You have FOUR meetings a day, one of which you come out with an action you have no idea how to get done but it's like, super urgent; you redo your to-do list twice a day trying to fit the meetings, the actions and your actual job into it; oh wait, it's 4:48pm and you still have two of the above plus those 16 emails you filtered as 'resolve today'. You find yourself wishing you had NO MEETINGS so you could actually tick all the tasks off your list and come home in time to watch a film with your boyfriend before he's bored of the new oh-so-busy you.

Life is hard.

M ❤️

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