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I did say I was going to bring back the angry posts.

The tube for me is one of those things people say - pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. Oh wait, it's the other way around isn't it? Oops. Well my point is, I could take 1000 pictures at the tube signs on the road and not get tired of it. But actually getting in it every day is a living nightmare. During a particular unpleasant journey, I found myself making a mental list of the 10 things I hate (the most) about the London tube:

- the tube
- people that don't let people off before getting in
- people that take up two seats
- people that make noise when chewing gum
- people that stand looking at the map without realising the rest of London is waiting behind them
- people that tut, clearly in a bigger rush than everyone else
- (deaf) people that listen to music with headphones that are more like speakers
- people that speak 13 decibels higher than normal
- people that hold the newspaper in your face, oblivious or not
- people that stare

Erm... I just realised I hate the people more than the actual tube. Oh well, haters' gonna hate and I'm in a pre-holiday angry mood.

M ❤️

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