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FavSongOfTheDay #26 AND MY TAKE ON 50 SHADES

Well well well. I really don't think this one needs introductions as it's just another masterpiece from lovely Ellie that has been rocking it lately. It's been on loop since last week, especially after Saturday when I made the Beef go and watch 50 Shades of Grey in the cinema for Valentine's. Yesss, I did that. And yesss, I loved it.

Love Me Like You Do
By Ellie Goulding

Thought I'd use this opportunity to give my take on the subject of the moment, mainly because it's pretty much the opposite of everything you've been reading out there.

I absolutely devoured the 3 books about 2 years ago, when a friend insisted I start. I must say I do read a lot of rubbish - rubbish that distracts me from the day to day work and it makes me happy. Go on, crucify me for not reading about death, killings, ancient history or religion drama all the time. For not wanting to be even more depressed after work in the tube, reading that the world is going to end tomorrow and we're all doomed. Shaaaame on me.

Now that I've lost about 34 followers, I can proudly say I thought the film was really good. I mean, everyone that reads a book before a film finds little things to complain about. I thought the film was a bit more comic than the book - especially when they were discussing the contract, the Beef was almost peeing himself with laughter! - where Anastasia is in constant pain and everything is heartbreakingly difficult; I also thought Jamie's voice should have been a bit huskier and more sexy but his looks make up for it. Other than that, I think both Jamie and Dakota did as good a job as one could have in such an awkward film to make and I totally bought it! Oh and I also left thinking I should spend 50 more hours at the gym and desperately wanting a fringe to look a tiny bit like Dakota. Damn her.

Now at least we have ONE online review made by someone that actually liked the story, loved the books and enjoys RomComs on a daily basis. Oh, and for the dumb men who are also complaining about us, women, enjoying the "mummy porn" that is 50 Shades of Grey as opposed to hardcore Babe Station - SO WHAT?! You should be happy and enjoy it while it lasts, soon there won't be any handcuffs for you to play with.

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