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What I'm Wrapped Up In
I've always had a casual side in me - probably my biggest side really - but I'm actually turning into a big-jumper-addict these days.

Especially if they are huge, mega soft, light coloured and, most importantly, my own personal blanket. I got this one from Pull&Bear, an unexpected find I must say. I'm overdosing it ever since and not likely to stop any time soon. Now there are two more items of this outfit I haven't actually made a mention of before - shame(less). The first being my Oh-so-loved Bimba Y Lola handbag that I physically had to get my hands on as soon as I saw my sister's - yes, she reads my mind sometimes, it's cute really. Perfect size, perfect shape, the goes-with-everything-and-makes-it-better type of handbag since I'm a long way to own my Chanel Boy... The second are my cat-eye sunglasses. *sigh*. I have been (and still am!) looking for the perfect bad boys since a while ago and these ASOS lookalikes made me so happy... for a while. Now I need some turtle ones with just the right amount of awesomeness - any ideas, let me know.

You can tell I'm way too talkative for a Monday - that's because I went to my first zumba class today and looooved it. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, you must be getting bored of clothes here and in need of some of my angry posts you know you love...

M ❤️

jumper Pull&Bear | scarf Zara | JAMIE jeans Topshop | ankle boots Public Desire | handbag Bimba Y Lola (similar here) | sunnies ASOS | watch Michael Kors | earrings ASOS

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