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Everyone, LISTEN UP - I saw the sun last weekend. Really.

I swear I'm not lying. After all that crying out loud - physically and virtually! - someone heard me up there and a hint of summer has finally arrived in London. I don't feel so excluded from the rest of the world anymore, and neither do my legs. These photos were actually taken a couple of weekends ago (another rare occasion of sunshine) when I met my gorgeous girl Sara ( for an overdue catch up. I got this random email from Eventbrite with some free tickets for an Elle Magazine live shoot and who better to invite along than the one girl as obsessed with fashion as me? Of course. It took place in Shoreditch but as soon as we got there we realised the rest of the blogging world was there too - uh oh. Right, we like Elle Mag, we like photoshoots, we like freebies but what we REALLY like is to photograph our own outfits and.... to eat. I'll leave you with a few photos of the event (and the queue!) and, more importantly, the food - oh dear Lord, Dishoom I hate you. Outfit wise, it has everything I need in it. Floaty trench, leather shorts and boyfriend stripy. I mean, what else? 

M ❤️

trench & lacy bra Urban Outfitters | shirt & shorts H&M | socks & ankle boots Topshop | handbag Celine | sunnies Ray Ban | earrings ASOS

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