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Hiii friends! Thought I'd stop by to say hello from sunny Thailand.

Sorry I've been AWOL but if you follow my Instagram page ( you'll know I've been fairly busy enjoying the absolute paradise. Last year one of my friends got engaged and decided to have a dreamy wedding over here so since then we've been saving and dying to be surrounded by palm trees and sunshine! Now I'm here and it's being everything I thought it would be and mooore. Amazing views, stunning hotels, dreamy beaches and crazy parties - all you can get really. Tonight we're venturing to the Full Moon party and since I might die, get lost or be poisoned and never come back (Mum, if you're reading this I'm only joking, I swear!), I'm leaving you with some photos that will make you a little jealous - the proper ones and the full diary will come later once I'm depressed and back at work in London.

But before that, thought I'd mention a couple of fun facts about the places I've been to so far in case you're planning a trip -


- Incredibly hot and humid, terrible for hairs that tend to turn into an afro;
- Everything is negotiable;
- The tuc-tuc taxis are the most fun public transport ever invented;
- Koh San Road is an experience, try having a warm Cosmo (no ice allowed, obvs!) inside a barbecue grill. Then invite 345 friends to join you;
- Chatuchak Market is bigger than any festival you've been to and sells pretty much anything that can be bought. AND it got me my so-so-wanted Celine handbag for some toughly negotiated 100£;

Koh Samui

- Has pretty much the most dreamy hotels I've ever seen, Mantra Samui being the best hotel and swimming pool I've ever been at;
- Not everything is negotiable and it will all sound too expensive after being in Bangkok;
- It's pretty much England in a bikini, full of beefs (I was one of them!);
- Green Mango is something of the other world, you must go and say you've been at the most cheesy, crazy and jungly club that could possibly exist;
- Fisherman's Village is an Algarve déjà vu, more precisely Albufeira. This is not necessarily a good thing, I'll let you take your own conclusions. Coconut Beach Bar is really cool though.

M ❤️

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