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Hello 2015

Oh dear. Go on, blink a couple more times to see if it's true. Is it an actual post you're seeing here?

Haaaa. I know, I'm weak like that and took a little time out on the blog during my weeks back home. Wait, I said on the blog, not on the photos - those are just getting mouldy in my camera until I'm strong enough to bring them to life. I have a couple of excuses! The first one I mentioned on my last (and super-fast) post; the second is the fact I haven't seen the light of day since 2014. Yep, not joking, went out for 2 hours last night for the first time and almost couldn't eat. I wish all my illness was due to a sugar overdose or something like too-much-bacalhau-disease. But I can't actually say I've eaten thaaaaat much, just that often I guess.

Anyway, back and healthy now (or so I hope!) and with me are my version of new year resolutions. This time I'm not going to do the usual giant list and blah blah blah. I'm going to do it as I go along. Since the start of my year was not what I was expecting anyway - I couldn't even have my 12 smarties for 12 wishes, shame on me! -, may as well do it differently altogether.

I do have 3 things I know I must-want-need to start with though, so here they are:

* Close my little mouth and start RUNNING for life. 

Right, this one has to happen like yesterday. Thailand is coming in late Feb my friends and with that come the bikinis, dresses, photos and stupidly skinny girls around me. The only thing is that it's freezing cold outside but I must be able to survive for 15min a day - 2 or 3 times a week, don't go crazy I'm not running marathons.

* Get a grip and finally go back to DANCE classes.

Yep, it's been nearly 4 years since I came to London and said I'd go back to dancing but here I am, fat as a piggy and only dancing in my pyjamas. So if you know any good dance schools in London that are not Pinapple and I can actually see at least my left ear in the mirror, please do shout. Louuuud.

* Do more of what makes me HAPPY.

I did post that nice little inspiring photo up there on my Instagram page which said just that. And it's the most important one. Starting at home, through my blog, with friends & family and ending at work. Wish me luck, little pies!

M ❤️

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