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Merry Christmas my little pies. Who's got a massive belly and a drawer full of socks?! HA. 

Well I've naturally been AWOL, with the majority of my time taken by two miniatures of a person and another one pretty much my size - my bombocos and sis, obvs. But I'm coming back to cold London on Wednesday morning so you'll be seeing quite a few winter looks, a Barcelona diary and a few New Year resolutions I'm sure. Here is another casual warmy, my addiction of the month quarter.

I wish you all an awesome NYE - full of champagne, sparkle and, if you are like me, 12 smarties instead of raisins to make all your wishes. Oh, and I'm portuguese so tradition says you must get in the New Year with your right foot on - just in case!

A very very very Happy New Year everyone!

M ❤️

fur coat ASOS | jeans Topshop | jumper ASOS | handbag Topshop | ankle boots Zara

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