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Hello little pies! As you probably noticed, the fun is over and we're back to annoyingly-cold London - but not without a smile on our faces. Two whole weeks in Thailand were just the perfect amount of time to completely relax and forget I have a house, a job and actually, a blog. Well, I think one would understand that it's not a real life trade-off when you're presented with the choices of 'spend your day on the beach with no WiFi' and 'stick around your hotel and blog a bit'. Besides, a lot of you are probably already bored of my never ending instagram pictures of sunshine & bikinis in the last few weeks anyway... I must warn you they are here to stay and they are going to continue to illuminate my days until I have no more to look at - apologies in advance to the more sensitive ones.

Introductions aside, thought I'd leave you with some of my favourite photos of the overall trip in a little Flipagram video. Then I'll do a couple of photo-heavy posts on each island just so you get really realllly jealous - as you should.


M ❤️

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