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It took my a while but I've finally organised my 3000 Thailand photos and am mentally ready to show them to the world. First stop: Koh Samui.

Koh Samui had a different meaning for me to begin with given it was the place chosen by a friend to get married. I mean, no one gets married in freaking Thailand, what are the odds?! Well, if I had a bucket list (which I might be currently compiling...), I would add the item 'attending a wedding in paradise' and tick it with the biggest smile on Earth.

We arrived at Koh Samui airport after a couple of days in Bangkok and I could almost hear a voice saying 'Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to paradise'. The airport is so cool and chilled you almost want to hang around for a bit to enjoy it. I liked it so much that I decided to telepathically ask the Beef to leave my backpack on a bench somewhere and then travel back and forth from the hotel once we both realised it - it only contained £600 and both passports, no biggie. NOT. This actually happened but don't worry, the bag was in lost and found and he's still alive.

We stayed at Mantra Samui Resort, one of the most amazing hotels I've ever seen and been at probably. The pool, let's not talk about the pool...

Stunning view, amazing staff (super patient and helpful with the backpack incident, thanks guys!), and delicious restaurant - definitely recommend it! The only annoying bit (about Koh Samui in general) was the fact that we had to cab everywhere, a seemingly expensive exercise when you've just been in Bangkok. 

Back to the wedding, I'm having to pinch myself not to post 254 photos here. Just picture a Hollywood movie type thing, at the beach, in the middle of the absolute paradise. Yep, it was more or less that.

You know me, can't resist a good close-up so check out some of the most beautiful details, in case you're planning a summer wedding anytime soon...

Nightlife in Koh Samui is summarised in one word: Chaweng. Picture a huge road full of neon lights coming from tons of bars, one after the other, in an internal competition to be the loudest of the island. Now this may sound good or bad but it's definitely an experience. I must say it's not quite my type of thing and I felt part of a Geordie Shore episode but I won't deny Green Mango is something I had never seen before! You don't want to see the pictures though, just go with the flow...

Towards the end of our stay we moved hotels (my bad, can't count the nights!) and stayed at Espace Beach, a more economic option if you're trying to be sensible. It has the big plus of having the beach right next to the pool, which by this point I was CRAVING. 

Last stop of Koh Samui was The Jungle Club. Whaaa, what a view. Don't be like us, get there in time for the sunset, although it's totally worth it either way.

See you in Koh Phangan, little pies!

M ❤️

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