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You know those sad days when you completely destroy a favourite pair of trousers or a beautifully cream carpet by being a clumsy self and dropping something on it? Yes, I have those a lot.

I actually think I'm not thaaat clumsy (compared to the Beef, at least) but there are just some days I can't help myself. And the very first thing I do once I realise the disaster - well, after screaming 6 times I AM A MASSIVE IDIOT! - is to google a solution. Google is like this big brother we all have that seems to have an answer for everything these days. Except when it comes to little cleaning tips & mummy tricks, which NEVER seem to work. Hooooold that thought. The reason why I'm writing here today is because I found one little trick that will actually make your day brighter when you need to use it. 

Candle wax. Two very dangerous words that are likely to damage any sort of fabric F O R E V E R in about 4 seconds. Well it turns out Google says you can iron it out. And Google is tananan - correct. Happy faces everyone, if you ever have a nervous breakdown like me because you poured a huge portion of melted-boiling-hot candle wax on your favourite pair of fancy trousers just follow these steps:

> take the majority of the wax with a knife - most of it won't come off as it dries really quickly but just in case you're even clumsier than me and left it there to create a mini wax tower;

> get a kitchen paper towel and place it on the stain spot;

> iron carefully on top of the paper towel, in a low/medium setting - the wax will melt and the paper towel will absorb the monster completely! 

The-Dream. Don't say I'm not a good friend.

M ❤️

P.S. Now the same does not apply to the whole "put white wine + vinegar + olive oil on your red wine stain in the carpet and let it soak. That does NOT work, at all. Forget about it.

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