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NYC Guide: Day 3 & Way Too Many Photos

There's not much to say about Day 3 really. I'd rather just show you. Sun was out, the city could not be prettier and the camera ran out of battery. Joking, only after we took about 1356 photos at Times Square.

[wearing ASOS' dress]

We just couldn't stop clicking. Or looking at the massive adverts that surrounded us completely. Absolutely incredible. Yellow cabs everywhere, shops at every door number, countless animations - from Disney characters to very naked Brasilian girls. We walked around all morning, almost forgetting breakfast and definitely forgetting lunch. 

We had decided the afternoon would be spent in Heaven. I mean, the Woodbury Outlet. But before we got on the bus - and mainly because they closed the bus door in our faces - we cabbed to the Rockefeller Center for a check. Shame on us for not knowing what was going on at Radio City - apparently the NFL play-offs were on and everyone was queuing to cheer up for their high-school. C was particularly sad for not being able to mingle with the queuers I must add.

[Quick stop at Grand Central Station]

Another cab drive back to the Bus Port, and we were on our way to the best outlet ever. Needless to say there were no hands to hold cameras for the next 5 hours - only shopping bags...

With a very heavy bag and a very light wallet, we went back to Manhattan. Decided we were strong enough to go out after that day - God knows how! - and ran to the hotel. Oh damn, forgot lunch AND dinner now. Well, let's just order 12 mozzarella sticks to be ready when we get down, shall we?! 12 mozzarella dippers, 2 tequila shots and 2 gin & tonics later, we were off to the Jane Hotel for the best night out in absolute ages. Sorry for all the blur...

[wearing Topshop's playsuit]

No memory of getting home but I'm sure we did alright. 

2 thoughts on “NYC Guide: Day 3 & Way Too Many Photos

  1. Brilliant photographs. Love the colours and madness in each picture. Looks like you are having so much fun.

  2. Aww thank you so much Amina! Follow my facebook page for more ;) xx


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