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NYC Guide: Day 2 & A Lot Of Shopping

Ok, we had a rainy Day 1 a lot of talking. Now, less talking and more shopping please.

We were craving for some credit card swiping and to dive in all of those massive shops we had seen yesterday. Weather was still not liking us but it was a lot better, perfect for a stroll along Broadway!

We've decided: let's have a nice brunch and then go shopping. All right. Until we saw Steve MaddenVictoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret PINK, Forever 21. Well I stopped right there at the first one and was in heaven. For some reason I can't quite work out what's the deal with Steve Madden in the UK. I haven't seen any shop, heard of it even less. Can someone please enlighten me? 

Either way, leopard print shoes as a first purchase can never get you in a bad mood!

[Yep, got the first ones!]

We had to put a stop to the madness and went straight to the restaurant. Buuuut. We passed by one of those little mini markets full of fake jewellery and HAD to stop again. I finally found my super-fake Love bracelet, originally from Cartier and was jumping  in the clouds with happiness - not literally. Now I'm writing this and I've already lost it... *tear...*. 

Then it (finally!) came the food. Again, taking a suggestion from Rosie, I had to go to Jack's Wife Freda and try their brunch (even though they are awesome at pretty much every meal it seems!). 

Of course me being the haloumi freak of all towns, had to go for the Poached Eggs With Grilled Tomato and Haloumi. And C couldn't resist either and went for the same - just in case it was so good she would want to jump on my plate.

We went crazy and also ordered the waffle with yogurt & berries to share - there was a long day of shopping awaiting, ok?!

With a settled stomach, we walked along Broadway a bit more - just in case we had missed some serious business.

Once our arms couldn't hold any more shopping bags, we headed centre, more precisely to Central Park, to do one of the checks of my NYC list - sit on the Met steps. Ohhh B&S what have you done to me?! 

A couple of selfies later...

The Met building is incredible. We were mesmerized by its size, architecture and awesomeness.

[Claude Monet's Sunflowers]

It was a tiring day and we got to the hotel almost ready to bed. Well, let's just go downstairs to the bar at the corner for some more mozzarella sticks & BBQ wings, shall we? At least I can try on my new Steve Madden leopards...

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