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Current Obsession #1: The Long Cardigan

I keep getting stuck to the screen when I see everyone's wishlist posts that have stuff I actually want.

Even though I'm not going to go heavy on wishlists (you can find my much better Pinterest ones here), thought I'd start a bit of a move on current obsessions - we all have them right? Nothing better to start of with than the long cardigans. Well, them and that annoying ASOS blondie that looks good on everything she wears. But focus on the cardigans - IN. NEED. Christmas around the corner, anyone?!

M ❤️

From left to right: Pull&Bear @ ASOS Longline Cardigan | ASOS Longline Cardigan with Mohair | ASOS Longline Knitted Look Cardigan | Zara Extra-long Cardigan with Pockets

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