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NYC Guide: Day 4 & One Big Hangover

What a headache. The first day that I actually begged to stay in bed for a bit longer. But there was no time for that. We had the Empire State Building to go to.

Spend the whole day on fresh juices to keep me going. C was in a bit of a better shape but struggling enough for someone that usually doesn't have hangovers. Got off at 34th Street and walked towards the fun. Stopped by Macy's, sat down for a hangover-morning-hot-dog and in no time we were in the delightful queue of the Empire State Building.

Oh how I wished we had a uniform... Anything to cut that queue. But we stayed strong and got through it just to see that amazing view.

[Shall we talk about what's going on with my hair?!]

A rest was needed. Taxi! To the Central Park please, Guggenheim side.

One more juice to get us through the pain and what better than a juicy burger at Central Park for a proper hangover cure?! 

The place IS amazing. Just like everyone says. It's huge, it's beautiful and it's just what you need to get away from the madness of the city. And also perfect for outfit pictures, obvs.

C wearing Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Guess 

M wearing Top & Skirt: Forever 21 USA | White Leather Shoes: Eureka Shoes | Handbag: Zara | Watch: Swatch | Bracelet: Pandora 

We sat there for hours just appreciating the whole thing. It was Mother's Day, btw, so it was particularly filled with cute families.

Some more selfies later, we headed to the one place we HAD to go and had not passed by before - Meatpacking. Man, that place is on

Everyone seems to think SoHo is the place to be. Edgy, trendy and fun. But these people must have never been here before. The amount of pretty people per square feet was beyond normal levels of acceptance. C and I like to think our outfits were OK but those girls actually put that extra effort in that made them look like bloody cover girls. How annoying. Anyway, hangover free - let's have a cocktail shall we?!

We looked at the queue for The Standard Hotel and wanted to cry. So went for the second one right in front of SoHo House - Catch Roof. It was chilled, cool and with good food.

Service was a disgrace though. I recommend it if you're feeling particularly patient but otherwise - stay away. Either way, a couple of incidents and a free beer later, we left to try The Standard again. 

The queue was shorter. Phew. Maybe because the door girl was in a bad mood that night. Or she was just a moody b*tch all the time, who knows. Either way, we were in. There is this very odd and claustrophobic lift that takes you right to the top. And then... we were in a gay party, at Le Bain & Rooftop - The Standard. Yep, hot men, all over the place - not looking at us the slightest. I hear that it was just that night - present for the girls maybe! - and there is now a jacuzzi pool instead. Try it on, a fun night is guaranteed and the view is awwwwe.

P.S. Right. Guys, if you're looking for the rooftop of The Standard Hotel - a different and more posh one - get the suit out. To be fair, there was a private party going on but the guys we saw outside got *rejected* for wearing trainers...

One thoughts on “NYC Guide: Day 4 & One Big Hangover

  1. such a great post! I went to New York in February and this just really made me want to go back, looks like you had an amazing time!

    When I went there was less Victoria Secret adverts and more David Beckham ones - which I didn't complain about! ;)

    Hazel Jane x


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