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Who wants to put together a sporty chic outfit with a beanie involved? Well, I do.

There is a lot of talk going around about the tomboy kind of look or, my favourite one, the sporty chic. Since my style falls drastically into this category, thought I would give it a go and put together my ideal outfit of the sort. Came across Fanatics last week, the leading online retailer for everything sports, and their MLB Hats page, absolutely full of beauts. Even though I wanted to add them all to my collection, it wasn't hard to find my favourite type of hat, you've experienced my addiction to beanies. But way easier than that was to choose my favourite team - sing along, LET'S GO YANKEES, LET'S GO. Remember all the madness about the Yankees game I got to go to in NYC? I do, and this beanie just makes me want to go agaaaain. But back to the outfit, you've probably noticed I'm still on my minimalist mood so had to pick my current (and all time!) obsessions - check the items on my polyvore account here. Oh, that and my boyfriend jeans I love so much I almost sleep with.

What do you think?! Running to get your MLB Hats, are you? Thought so. Don't forget to tell me which one you got, obvs!

M ❤️

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