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I do like cool people...

I really do. And I mean those that don't make an effort for it, they're just like that! Especially bands. Come on, you're a rockstar - you HAVE to be cool.

And the Arctic Monkeys are cool. I'm not even a massive crying-my-eyes-out-on-the-frontline fan. I like some of their songs but haven't seen them live or anything. But after reading their interview today on Shortlist, I just love them more and really want to go to a gig. A bit late on the run, I know, there were about 345 Arctic Monkeys' gigs just in Portugal (let alone London!) that I've missed already but I'm sure they'll come again, wherever I am. And be even more awesome.

My favourite bit of the interview:

Aside from your ping-pong playing pal Leighton Baines, do many celebrity fans pop by?
MH: You get a few interesting ones on the guestlist. Simon Pegg came down the other day.
NO: Jimmy Page came to Earls Court.
MH: Yeah, we had a chat with Jimmy. Bit of pressure.
JC: Do you think he’s good at ping pong? I bet he plays...
AT: Traditional grip? Yeah, he f*cking does, doesn’t he?
You’ve admitted you’re not fond of the name Arctic Monkeys. What would you change it to?
NO: Fire Pony.
HA. Awesome. If you missed the link up there, check the full interview here.

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