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It's Christmas in the cream palace!

It's hereeee. Christmas has finally arrived, yoohoo. So freaking exciting! And for the 3rd time I am putting a little tree up in London, before running back to my crazy family Christmas in Lisbon. 

Twin and I were postponing it for a while (well, only a week but it seemed like ages) as we weren't quite sure where to get our tree from. Every year's question: do we want a real or fake one?! To be honest I'm so used to have a fake one at home and to all the excitement of going to get the tree and the decorations from the garage or somewhere hidden that you can't touch all year round that I would never really look for a real tree. And also because you know I'm not the most plants/nature person in the world and leave everything to die as I forget to water it, obvs. But, and because the Northcote Road has literally EVERYTHING all families need, there were real trees to sell in every corner.

That said, we went out on a mission... Until about 100 metres away, to the very first corner. Lazy like that. Actually I lie, we did go a bit further down but in a different mission that involved Topshop and MAC's make up. Promise I didn't get anything. Promise.

After a cozy hot chocolate, we got to the place and there were three very manly men messing around with the trees. We stood there, looking and pointing to the little one leading the group. One of the very manly men saw the lack of tree knowledge on our faces and said "this one needs a home!"... "OK, we'll take him!"

"Well that was nice and easy!". That's right manly man, we're up to no waste of time here. 3 minutes later, there's twin with Trevor-the-tree.

Right, let's undo this baby's wrapping. And make him pretty enough to be allowed a place in the cream palace.

The cutest decorations that are making our living room smell delicious!

And we're doooone. Quick and easy, as they say. That's how we roll.

How cute does Trevor look in our little fire place?! Looovely. All I want for Christmas is you, Trevor.

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