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Taps&Burgs #1

There is one thing I do love that I haven't talked about here yet. Actually there are probably loads but I can only remember this one right now. And that is... Food. No, not food in general, don't go crazy thinking this is turning into Master Chef. I'm only going to start posting about THE best kind of good in the world of foods - Tapas & Burgers - my fav.

I know, I know you're saying to yourself you little fatty! I am, a proper one. And I love it. I thought I wasn't too bad, just had a few burgers now and then. Until I realised my FavRestaurants or MustGo lists are literally just Tapas and Burger places. (Or until the Beef started screaming at my ears you fatty! every time I beg to go Byron...) So thought I'd share and hopefully get some sympathy from more Anonymous out there.

Starting with tonight's dinner, I have to recommend Pix Pintxos for some ready made Tapas and a catch up with the girls. It's cozy, warm and familiar, with the loudness of a Spanish taberna. Perfect for a week night after work.

This one is in Soho but they have 3 more places around. I do enjoy Soho on a week day though, it's so Londoner isn't it?! New Tapas are always coming, lots of different types and you just want them all.

The funniest thing is that you just help yourself with as many as you want and collect the little sticks in a glass! Not really sure how they control that as we can definitely lose our minds and throw half of the sticks on the floor very sneakily... Tempting but no, not this time.

Biggest problem? Because you don't have a menu to pick the Tapas from and you don't have to wait for them to come either, the glass is suddenly so full it looks like we're about to play Mikado. Worth it though, especially after this churro in a chocolate shot - 

Yum! Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a cocktail and a quick bite to eat on a busy week night. Dangerous though, the bill can get quite expensive if you're really hungry and believe for a moment you're in a kids party or a buffet-Chinese!

Loved to see my forever-flatmate Jo xx

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