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See ya later 2013

I wouldn't be a real blogger if I didn't do a goodbye 2013 post. I don't usually do a huge recap of the year that is gone. But I guess having a blog kind of changes that a bit. What's the point of registering everything you do if you don't go back to see how was it?! So let's see 2013's key milestones...

❤️ New house - moved in with my twin friend to the lovely cream palace
❤️ Andorra - skiing trip that almost killed us all
❤️ Beef meets the wider family - yes dangerous, I know. He did good though, came for Easter's big lunch and a couple of days to wander around Lisbon
❤️ Got an iPhone - yes, it changed my life
❤️ Park House Rugby Party survival - not only survived but also took my sister and friend that were visiting. Really putting myself out there I'd say...
❤️ 1 year putting up with my crazy Beef
❤️ Greece. No comments needed
❤️ New job - sadly left my first company and joined an even crazier one
❤️ Started a blog - well I guess you know that but this is obvs my favourite one. It feels like ages ago but this pink little space only started in September
❤️ Dad's 60th
❤️ Berlin
❤️ Saw Prince William for the first time - really far away and could barely distinguish his royal wave but it counts surely
❤️ Got a Michael Kors watch - HA.

Have a look at the visual version of the above and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! x

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