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Portuguesey @ Prego da Peixaria

And before the year ends, I've decided to introduce another post type. This category is all about my lovely country & city. Of course I'm not impartial as I love Lisbon since forever but, from what I hear, literally everyone loves this city and wants go back all the time - hopefully I'm not too scary they're only saying this to please me. Given this, thought I would share some of my new (or old!) favourite places and must go when you come visit.

My new excitement starts with this mega recent restaurant that combines our favourites (burgers!) with fish contents. I know, it sounds weird at first. But you will absolutely love it when you try it.

The space

Super cool. It's that tiny-cozy kind of place, with that bit of Shoreditch edginess we're all in love with at the moment. There's a DJ playing some cool sets that you barely notice but totally set the mood for a saturday night dinner with the girls or a cute romantic one with the boyf.

The restaurant is not giant - situated in Principe Real, on top of Bairro Alto, it could never be big! - but I faced a queue of about 20 people when I got there that finished in 10 minutes, my always-late girlies hadn't even arrived yet! It's just the time to get a cocktail or a cold beer at the bar, no drama.

The people

This place is definitely in at the moment. And so you'll find all Lisbon social wandering around and checking in before heading to the Pink Street at Cais do SodrĂ© for drinks. So if you're looking for a trendy & mood setter type of place with youngish crowds, this is your place.

The food

The most important thing: the food. As I said before, the concept is quite cool, matching two things we don't normally eat together. The name itself says it all - for the portuguese ones. For the foreign ones, I'm going to try and explain without you thinking I'm mad like the Beef did. "Prego" is a thin beef steak we usually have inside two bits of bread, like a burger. The difference is just the meat! It's amazing and you can have it with loads of other ingredients - that's what they're doing here! All types of cheese, sauces, ham and so on. Their other speciality is, of course, the fish burgers. My favourite was the Salmon & Cuttlefish one, with a black ciabatta type of bread that makes you cry for more. 

You also have the Prawn Burger and the portuguese famous, Bacalhau Burger. All of this needs those amazing chips - some sweet, some thin & salty - to make it the perfect meal.

Not enough to make you jealous? Check out more about Prego da Peixaria here - their facebook page - friend them and just TRY IT.

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