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The perks of working at GLH

Ever since I moved jobs that I've been having style nightmares. Why? Because it happens that with all the million places to work in London, I had to go to the exact same building as ASOS.

This means that even if you think you're looking mega edgy and well-dressed that morning, as soon as you get off the tube there are about 57 other girls that have put wayy more effort into it. And therefore look wayy better. And I mean the whole picture: clothes, shoes (open ones in freaking December!) and make up, lots of make up. Depressing, I know.

So that's the bad side. The good one is that you get to know about random ASOS Sales at the distance of a lift. Yes, I did say Sales. Yes, you did jump. I did too when I heard about it.

After getting in a room full of awesome clothes, checking around, noticing the lack of price tags and realising it was clearly not the right one, we eventually found the place. It was a crazily themed Fair. Of course, a Vintage one.

There were little Vintage booths everywhere, with crazy Vintage girls on them, selling all sorts of things: clothes, shoes, bags (bags!!!), books, cupcakes...

I must admit I'm not the most Vintage person in the world. Like one piece or another to mix it up but don't go too crazy. I guess I must also admit I'm not a fan of second hand clothes, who knows where that has been...?! But some of the clothes and shoes looked quite cool!

That said, I was a good girl and only got a hand bag. One of those must-have giant black ones with gold details - I'm sure I'll be posing around with it very soon.

Because there's no Vintage Fair without some craziness old school type of thing, there was some very funky music being played by some very funky people!

Thanks ASOS, do some more, anytime. 

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