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Apologies from a Pink Blogger

Hellooooooo everyone that still remembers me! I know, there's about 5 of you by now, if I'm lucky. I've been beyond rubbish and left my poor pink platform to die alone over Christmas without my love. I guess there are 100 of other bloggers in the world in the same situation, trying to come up with the best excuses. Well, I have one too. But mine is better, I'm sure. As you know, Christmas for me is in Lisbon with my crazy family & friends. That's not the excuse, wait for it. Of course every time I go there, like a good emigrant, I have to split myself in 5 to try and say hello to everyone I haven't seen for ages so I'm not an evil bitch that leaves the country and never looks back. I'm nooooot. This part is very common and dare I say, easy. What is not easy is having 2 little midgets and 1 sister wanting me all day every day, while the sun is out. And me wanting them back. So what happens is little Mariana up and ready by 11am to go shopping and wander around; and then little Mariana up and ready by 11pm to go out with the girls and drink some caipiroska buckets when the first ones go to sleep. Result: Little Mariana doesn't get to sleep and takes every 10 min on a sofa to try and keep up with the rest of the mortals. That's Portugal. That's the holidays I love. That's also what keeps me from blogging - SORRY FRIENDS.

That said, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas like mine, a great holiday and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

And I'm back. In London and in the Pink Blog.

<3 M

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