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Easter Snaps

And the Easter break is gone. How about a quick run through the best bits with some stunning pictures to add to it? Oh go on then. 

It started well with an amazing lunch at Bar do Guincho.

[Bar do Guincho - Cascais] 

[Prawn & squid skewer]

Totally recommend it if you're staying in Cascais, even for a quick visit. Amazing view of Praia da Adrága and, as you can tell, amazing food to go with it. Don't forget to order the white Sangria - oh summer!

Once our stomachs stopped complaining, we headed to Boca do Inferno for a little touristic pretend - since every time the Beef comes to town, all we do is eat and drink with the family, culture not so much.

The (three) kids had some fun at the beach.

Easter Sunday was spent in Sintra - a lot of family and babies everywhere!

Monday was time for some (and the only) shopping at Chiado with the sun shining! Then a quick bite at No Solo Italia in Belém - near the river, amazing food and even better caipiroskas!

[Eureka Shoes Store - Chiado] 

 [No Solo Italia Restaurant]

[Padrão dos Descobrimentos - Belém]

A good long weekend, never quite long enough...

2 thoughts on “Easter Snaps

  1. Looks fantastic and that view from your lunch stop is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Lisa! You have to come visit if you haven't yet :)


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