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NYC Guide: Intro

Hi friends! You must have seen this coming but: I freaking LOVED New York. I was one of those idiots that used to say "NYC is my dream city to live in", "Oh, but have you been before?", "No, but I just know it.". Take that, pals! I knew I was born to live there. Maybe when the frogs start singing, the trees start walking and the Beef has a nervous breakdown and changes his mind we can move there for a bit. That said, of course I am going to post ALL about it - it will be The Portuguese Pink Pie's NYC Guide. Or just a bunch of nice photos for you to get inspired and book your flights.

To give you a bit of a taste, here's a quick slideshow with some of our best moments - C & M, just like Serena & Blair, taking over the entire city ❤️ 

Stolen Dance
By Milky Chance

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