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Taps&Burgs #2

It's been a while since my last Taps&Burgs post - shame on me. Guess I haven't been going out for dinner as often (bit too maniac at work!) but nothing to stop me eating my favs of course. Today's place is a proper Tapas one, where I used to go with my lovely Spanish class girls back at the old job - The Port House.

The place is super cozy (as all my fav places are!) but surprisingly big - I've recently discovered the top floor! Quite romantic I would say, with low light and cute candles but also suitable for the usual girls catch up. The staff is really nice, friendly and mainly Spanish, which allows us to practice a bit. 

The Tapas are a-mazing. And I do like the fact that this place seems to have the country's specialities rather than the usual ones. Although, my favourites are obviously the chicken and ham croquettas.

We've tried some new ones this time involving seafood in a rice bed and a good looking pork steak.

And then the usual chorizo platter & patatas bravas.

Do check The Port House's website here and book it in the diaries - it's just round the corner from Covent Garden, on the Strand.

Must have: White Port Sangria. Yes, I know, it sounds amazing and it is amazing. 

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