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The make-up saga

Right, if you come here fairly often or know me the slightest you've probably noticed make-up is not really my thing. I don't wear much and I don't post about it - mainly because I know very little about the subject. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those perfect little girls that are naturally tanned, with super long eyelashes and Adriana Lima's lips (yuk, hate this word!). But I guess I was quite blessed with my skin - or so my friends tell me - and therefore never learnt anything I should have! I blame the Mum and the Sister, that are exactly the same. My Mum goes crazy with a tiny bit of eyeliner every day and my Sister... Well my sister has a whole set of expensive make-up that gets used like once a month. 

Even not knowing a thing about the subject, I do have mirrors and they do tell me I look like a glass of milk every day. I was blessed with the good skin but a very pale one. So since I've started working - and moved to London - I rarely leave the house without some bronzer or mascara (to make these little mouse's eyelashes look a bit more normal). On a night out, I go crazy with the eyeliner which I've only managed to learn how to use it about 2 years ago. 

I've been using Sephora for like 3 years now. It's easy, not expensive and it lasts. I have the bronzer (darker than what it should be!) and the pink blusher to make me look a bit healthier. On top of this, I use Maybelline's mascara and one of two lipsticks that I carry all the time - a Barry M light pink one or one from Kiko that is slightly darker. This has been working for me up until now but I can't stop noticing, now that I look even more at pretty girls to check out their outfits, that some of them do look really good and their make-up looks even - unlike mine that I do on the train and you can almost see the brush format marked in my face. So, I finally gave up and agreed to sit in that awful chair at the make-up shop where they do whatever they want with your face. The girls suggested bareMinerals for something light.

I was so awkward they said I blushed! How ridic. I looked at the shop girl and she had an awful lot of make-up on. I clearly panicked and repeated 3 times I wanted something really simple and light that you could barely notice. And (surprisingly) she was actually good! Gave me a light foundation to match my skin colour and apply a super thin & even coverage. I obviously said that was way too light and I still looked like a ghost. Always so impatient! She then applied the bronzer on the T area and the magic happened: perfect healthy skin tone, not too orange and not too pale! 

You can imagine it didn't take me long to fall in love with the shop as it's totally pink and princessy.

Result: brought with me the whole super pink Starters kit that is just about perfect! I'm in looove. 

Starters kit (50£):
Original Mineral Foundation (N20)
Warmth All-Over Face Colour
Tinted Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
Foundation Primer
3 Brushes
Instructions & DVD (that I watched with the twin as soon as we got home, obvs)

Sooooo happy with my new make-up set it's unreal. Still don't go crazy and all orange face but definitely feel prettier (especially in the mornings!). Needless to say all the girls left the shop with a Starters kit except for the Bird, who should definitely get a referral fee for this!

Two midgets & one Finn

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